Fanatik Bike Builder Looking to take things to the next level on your Evil bike? The Push ElevenSix offers unrivaled performance on both the Insurgent and the Wreckoning. As soon as things got a bit rough, the ElevenSix started delivering the goods. We found ourselves springing out of corners on familiar trails with noticeably more speed than before. The bike seemed to accelerate over rough/rocky/rooty terrain, eliminating chatter like nothing we've ridden. Yes, the shock does tack on about a pound over a traditional air shock, but you quickly forget about that when you realize just how responsive, quick, and lively the bike feels with this shock on board. Not to say bikes like the Insurgent and Wreckoning aren't lively with an air shock, as they most definitely are, but the ElevenSix seems to take everything to a new level. The difference is very real, and if it's remotely within the budget, it is a very worthy upgrade to an already incredible bike. 

We offer the ElevenSix for both the Wreckoning and Insurgent as shock-only, but also as an upgrade when purchasing a frame or complete bike. Want to learn more? Check out our first impressions article here!