38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021
38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021 38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021 38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021 38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021 38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021 38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021

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38 Performance Elite 27.5 GRIP2 15x110 170mm - 44mm Offset - 2021


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The all new Fox Performance Elite 38 fork is optimized for 160-180mm travel and packs the same revolutionary feature set as the 36. It's a hard hitting, long-travel specialist that's smoother, stiffer, and more tunable than ever before.

Performance Elite
Performance Elite forks retain the same adjustments, features, dampers, weight, and 7000 series aluminum upper tubes as Factory Series, but have black anodized stanchions instead of Genuine Kashima Coat.

Floating Axle
The all-new 38 comes equipped with a new quick-release, lever operated, patent-pending floating axle system that combines the benefit of a floating axle with the ease of a tool-free quick-release. With this system, spacing is locked in via a floating sleeve, allowing repeated front wheel removal and re-installation while maintaining perfect fork alignment. Floating sleeve positioning comes preset from the factory so if you are unsure of how to operate the floating axle system or simply don’t want to bother with it, you can just install the front wheel and get on with your ride.

Lower Leg Channels
As a fork compresses, the air volume within the lower legs decreases, increasing air pressure. The more the fork compresses, the more pressure increases. This effect can have the unintended consequence of preventing full travel from being achieved. Fox's lower leg channels help alleviate this issue by dramatically increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping.

The lower leg bleeders allow for atmospheric pressure equalization at the simple press of a button. Pressure build-up in the lower legs dramatically decreases fork performance, preventing full travel from being achieved, and diminishing small bump sensitivity and responsiveness.

Lower Leg Arch
Modern frame designs and geometry trends require modern suspension design solutions. The arch design of the all-new 38 is designed to pair perfectly with modern Enduro bikes. Head tube profiles have grown larger and larger, and fork offsets shorter and shorter. The new arch shape takes this need into account by jutting forward to provide ample headtube clearance at full compression. State-of-the-art computer modeling techniques helped Fox create an organic lower leg shape that optimizes stiffness with the absolute minimal amount of material.

Elliptical Steerer
The 38’s elliptical steer tube is one of many ways Fox further optimized stiffness-to-weight, placing more material only where it is needed, and eliminating every ounce of it where it’s not.

The GRIP2 damper is the benchmark for unparalleled ride quality and ultra-precise on-the-fly adjustability. For 2021, Fox took GRIP2 to the next level by adding their patented VVC technology to the high-speed compression circuit. VVC is a proprietary variable valve control system that allows for external fine-tuning of suspension performance. GRIP2 achieves, with the twist of a knob, what typically requires the time consuming and complicated task of completely disassembling and reassembling the fork.

Float EVOL
EVOL technology increases negative air spring volume, optimizing small bump sensitivity. EVOL’s linear spring curve delivers plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support, and more tunable bottom-out progression. The benefits of EVOL are further enhanced by our new Lower Leg channels and Bleeders, which both function to reduce air pressure captured in the lower legs, allowing the EVOL air spring to operate freely without unintended interference.


Travel: 170mm
Wheel Size: 27.5"
Spring: Air
Disc Mount: Post Mount 180mm
Travel Adjust: Internally Adjustable (requires additional parts)
Axle Configuraton: 15x110mm Boost
Min. Rotor Size: 180mm
Max. Rotor Size: 203mm
Steertube Diameter: 1.125" - 1.5" Tapered
Crown Offset: 44mm
Intended Use: Enduro
Warranty: 1 year

Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.


  • 8 clicks high-speed compression/rebound
  • 16 clicks low-speed compression/rebound
  • 31% stiffer transverse shear, 17% stiffer fore/aft and 38% torsionally stiffer than 36
  • Optional mud guard
Fox 38 tuning guide

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