Energy Tabs - 1 Tin
Energy Tabs - 1 Tin Energy Tabs - 1 Tin


Energy Tabs - 1 Tin



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With a simple vitalizing recipe, rich in three premium botanical ingredients, each VOKE TAB delivers a punch without the high sugar content, vitamin overload and artificial ingredients of most energy products. This makes Voke Tab the best to improve memory and focus, increase stamina, and stimulate your metabolism.

Guarana Berry Seed
Originally used by the Guarani tribe as an 'energy food', the guarana berry - and more specifically, the guarana berry seed - has long been known for its natural caffeine content, saponins, and tannins.

Natural Caffeine  from Tea Leaves
We isolate natural caffeine from tea leaves grown in India. Each VOKE TAB contains 75mg of caffeine from tea leaves, similar to a cup of premium coffee.

Acerola Cherry
Acerola Cherries possess a robust flavor and the highest known Vitamin C content per weight of any fruit or vegetable.

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