A bike that very much stays true to the brand’s good natured but darkly “evil” temperament, the Insurgent is a FULLY capable trail bike marked with nefarious underpinnings. In reality The Insurgent is two very different bikes, with different ride qualities that can appeal to distinct sets of riders and a wide variety of trails. This is the result of two geometry settings available via flipping a chip in the suspension linkage. The higher setting results in a thoroughly modern long travel bike, but one with an entirely reasonable disposition and geometry. A 65.6° headtube angle, 346mm high bottom bracket, and 430mm chainstays are smack dab in the middle of where many of today’s more capable riders want an all around trail bike that pedals uphill with relative ease and maintains a playful, carefree feeling of all around enjoyment. In the lower setting, the headtube angle drops almost a full degree to 64.8°, both the wheelbase and the chainstays lengthen by two millimeters, and the bottom bracket drops 12mm to a category low of 334mm. These are numbers that can no longer be described as “carefree,” and certainly push the limits of what is appropriate in many riding contexts. The beauty is that this setting can be changed in a matter of minutes, leaving you free to explore a wide variety of trials at a moments notice. To learn how to adjust the geometry settings, take a look at our How-to.

For more information on the Insurgent, as well as a comparison with the Wreckoning, visit our blog post. Then explore our Custom Bike Builder and let us help you build the Evil Insurgent of your dreams!

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Frames starting at $2799 with multiple shock options.

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Custom complete bikes starting around $5,500.