Based out of Vancouver, BC, it should come as no surprise that Knolly bikes are built to be ridden hard, fast, and rowdy. The folks at Knolly pour their heart and soul into every bike they produce, and it shows in the ride quality. For those who gain great pleasure from absolutely throttling their bikes day in and day out, a Knolly deserves serious consideration.

Knolly Bikes - Warden


Fugitive takes the 29er trail bike and raises it to another level. Built to be an epic trail smasher it has the highest level of pedaling efficiency yet it still maintains that famous Knolly traction. Push the limits on every climb and descent, the Fugitive is ready for it.

Knolly Fugitive


An enduro bike, a park bike, a big-mountain bike, an epic bike...a bike that is whatever you want it to be, and more. This is Knolly’s flagship rig, available in both aluminum and carbon.

Knolly Warden


The monster truck of Knolly's fleet - the Delirium is a bike that truly cares not what you point it down. A massively over-built frame, 170mm travel, and super aggressive geometry come together to make this bike quite a wild ride.

Knolly Delirium

Fanatik + Knolly

Many of our Knolly customers are passionate about their bike, and know exactly what they want. Our custom bike builder allows you to build your new Knolly part-by-part, leaving no detail overlooked. Gain some inspiration from our gallery, then head over to our bike builder to get your dream bike rolling.

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All the latest content we've developed with Knolly, including video reviews, articles and more.

Bits 'n Bobs

Looking for spare parts for your Knolly? We've got all the parts you need to keep your bike running smooth including bearing kits, derailleur hangers, linkage pieces, and more.

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About The Brand

Noel Buckley is the man behind the operation in more than one way. Not only does he handle day-to-day operations of running a bike company, he’s also the chief engineer responsible for each Knolly bike, as well as their unique FourBy4 suspension platform. Funny thing is, he never actually planned on starting a bike company. But as it turns out, the tinkerings in his garage became something real, and people started asking him for more. Before he knew it, he had 40 frame orders. Noel quit his high-paying engineering job in 2002, and followed his passion. Knolly was incorporated in 2005, and the rest is history.

Knolly - Noel Buckley