Based out of Vancouver, BC, it should come as no surprise that Knolly bikes are built to be ridden hard, fast, and rowdy. The folks at Knolly pour their heart and soul into every bike they produce, and it shows in the ride quality. For those who gain great pleasure from absolutely throttling their bikes day in and day out, a Knolly deserves serious consideration.

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Fugitive takes the 29er trail bike and raises it to another level. Built to be an epic trail smasher it has the highest level of pedaling efficiency yet it still maintains that famous Knolly traction. Push the limits on every climb and descent, the Fugitive is ready for it.

135mmrear travel
150mmfront travel
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An enduro bike, a park bike, a big-mountain bike, an epic bike...a bike that is whatever you want it to be, and more. This is Knolly’s flagship rig, available in both aluminum and carbon.

155mmrear travel
160mmfront travel
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