Our Suspension Love program makes it easier than ever to get your fork or rear shock serviced. We sell mountain bikes all over the country, and we want to offer quality follow-up service for all of our customers, local and nation-wide. Our in-house suspension expert draws from over 20 years experience working with suspension forks and rear shocks from all major brands. When you enroll in our Suspension Love program, you can rest easy knowing your fork or rear shock are in good hands.

Due to warranty/brand restrictions on certain forks and rear shocks, we do have stipulations that we must work within. Currently we are only able to service Rock Shox and Fox forks, as well as Rock Shox rear shocks. We do expect to expand our services over time though. Please take a look at our chart below to see what we offer. In order to provide a 90-day service warranty, we do require that new dust/oil seals are purchased with every suspension service. All price estimates below include new seals and fresh oil. If you're ready to pull the trigger, simply fill out our Suspension Love form, and we'll contact you with an RA#, a firm price quote, and a time estimate the next business day.


  • Rockshox Forks
  • Fox Forks
  • Rockshox Rear Shocks

Estimated Cost

  • $90 - $120
  • $90 - $120
  • $130 - $175