Zerode makes bikes that are unashamedly different. As a gearbox bike brand, Zerode isn't afraid to challenge our preconceived notions of how a mountain bike should perform, all in the name of boosting durability, reducing maintenance, and offering one of the best performing suspension platforms we've ever experienced. Swing a leg over a Zerode, and the rules of what a mountain bike can do suddenly change. Who needs a derailleur anyway?

Zerode Taniwha - Fanatik Bike Co.

Taniwha & The Pinion Gearbox

The Taniwha (tani:fa) carbon frame is built around the Pinion C.Line gearbox. Seamless shifts, up or down, even if the bike is caked in mud. Your chain will last for years not months because it's not being tortured into climbing up and down clusters and the gearbox itself is a sealed, self contained unit that requires little maintenance.


Aggressive, but not unreasonably long or slack, the Zerode Taniwha is a bump-devouring, bike park-ready brawler. The low, centralized mass of the Pinion gearbox makes it a poppy, playful trail bike that happily comes alive on jumps and techy terrain.

Zerode Taniwha - Fanatik Bike Co.

Fanatik + Zerode

Our Zerode customers are passionate about their bike, and know exactly what they want. Our custom bike builder allows you to build your new Taniwha part-by-part, leaving no detail overlooked. Gain some inspiration from our gallery, then head over to our bike builder to get your dream bike rolling.

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About The Brand

The Zerode story begins with local legend and DH veteran Rob Metz, who built his first gearbox bike in his garage in Rotorua, New Zealand. One ride on his creation, and Rob immediately knew that gearboxes would be the future of mountain bikes. Soon after, Rob introduced the Zerode G1 downhill bike, which developed a cult following among park riders and downhill racers alike. Now, Zerode's Pinion gearbox-equipped, full carbon trail bikes are here, ushering in a whole new era of gearbox bikes in the mainstream.

Zerode - Rob Metz