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Fall Line Dropper Post
Fall Line Dropper Post Fall Line Dropper Post Fall Line Dropper Post Fall Line Dropper Post Fall Line Dropper Post Fall Line Dropper Post


Fall Line Dropper Post

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The Fall Line™ dropper seatpost allows you to infinitely adjust the height of the post in a new way. A mechanical brake locks the post in position without having to circulate large amounts of hydraulic fluid. It's lighter, more reliable, and has faster return speeds. The mechanical lock is SPRING actuated, so even if air pressure is lost, the post still locks in any position (but of course the post will not return without help). Now that is reliability!

The Fall Line™ has a beautiful air damping system that ensures a fast, smooth return without excessive speeds.

The Fall Line™ uses the highly coveted bottom 'stealth' entry for bikes that have internal routing options. Unlike other posts, the Fall Line™ has a NO TOOLS easy disconnect. This means you can easily install and remove the post anytime without having to cut the cable! The cable connection has an ANTI-PULL design which means adjusting the height of the post will not effect cable tension.


    • Travel: 100mm / 125mm / 150mm / 175mm / 200mm
    • Total Length: 350mm / 375mm / 440mm / 500mm / 560mm
    • Actuation: Cable
    • Internal Routing: Yes
    • Remote Material: Aluminum
    • Intended Use: Mountain Biking
    • Warranty: 2 years

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    9Point8 Fall Line Dropper Post Part Numbers: 30.9mm / 175/500mm / Inline: 4057815000844 -