Tilt Alloy Pedal
Tilt Alloy Pedal Tilt Alloy Pedal


Tilt Alloy Pedal

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422 grams
422 grams


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The Anvl Tilt pedal is a chiseled masterpiece designed to create the perfect foot bed for maximum feel and control while keeping a slim and dynamic look. The flat surface on both sides creates a perfect contact point without any raised areas near the bearing that can cause your foot to sit unevenly. All it takes is one ride on these pedals to realize how confidence inspiring they feel.

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  • Bearing Type: 3 cartridge bearings + 1 DU bushing
  • Body Material: 6061 Extruded Alloy
  • Axle Material: Cromoly
  • Replaceable Pins: Yes
  • Intended Use: Mountain Biking
  • Warranty: N/A