Shelter Tape - 1ft

Cantitoe Road

Shelter Tape - 1ft


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Cantitoe Road Shelter Tape - 1ft

Shelter bike frame protection is the first line of defense for your frame and is specifically made to diminish the force of impacts and protect from scratches. The self-adhesive backing Shelter Off-Road is a transparent multilayer composite (50 layers of 20 microns anti-bump, anti-scratch 200 microns total thickness of 1.2 mm) with viscoelastic behavior. Shelter Off-Road is able to greatly increase the resistance to shock of the composite carbon fiber or metal on which it is applied.


1. Clean the surface on which you will paste Shelter with alcohol and a clean cloth. Remove any dried-up alcohol with a clean, dry rag.

2. Peel back Shelter protective paper for a length of 25mm, exposing the sticky surface

3. Adhere the adhesive surface of Shelter to the surface you want to protect with even pressure

4. Gradually remove the remaining protective paper as Shelter is placed on the bonding surface. Starting from the center, apply constant pressure with your thumbs progressing slowly outward.

Please note, manufacturer warranty may not cover damage to the finish of your product from the application or removal of protective coverings/stickers or adhesive backed sheets. Please contact the product manufacturer for more information.

    Tech Specs

    • Length: Sold by the foot / Quantity 1 = 1 foot
    • Width: 2"

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.