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Synthesis E11 29" Boost Wheelset

Crank Brothers

Synthesis E11 29" Boost Wheelset



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1825 grams
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The Synthesis E11 Wheelset from Crank Brothers are a finely tuned Front and Rear Carbon Wheel System for enduro riding and racing. The front and rear-specific tunes are optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding. The front wheel's compliant tuning improves handling and maximizes grip and control in turns. The wider inner rim width supports a wider tire profile in front, increasing tire volume and the ever-important contact patch. The resulting roundness of the tire profile enhances turning and overall handling. The stiffly tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability and tracking at speed. Narrower inner rim width supports a narrower tire profile in rear, which in turn improves rolling resistance and sharpens tire edge for grip.

The I9 Hydra Hubs holding this wheelset together are a dream. Building upon a long legacy of reliable hubs, Industry Nine evolves once again with the Hydra - an all new series of hubs that replaces the successful Torch series. While the real excitement lies with the rear hub, boasting a whopping 690 points of engagement, the Hydra front hub also gets some upgrades. Improved seals are implemented better keep moisture out, and a new internal axle that distributes load more evenly, reducing stress on the bearings. Aside from those upgrades, the rest of the Hydra front hub remains the same as the previous Torch Classic front hub. All Industry Nine hubs are precision-built right at home in the USA at their Asheville, North Carolina factory.

In the box

  • Synthesis E11 29" I9 Boost Wheelset


    Wheelsize: 29"
    Material: Carbon
    Inner Width: 31.5mm front / 29.5 rear
    Outer Width: 37.5mm front / 36.5mm rear
    Rim Depth: 18mm
    Spoke Material: Steel
    Spoke Interface: J-Bend
    Spoke Type: Aero
    Spoke Count: 28, 32
    Front Hub: 15x110mm Boost
    Rear Hub: 12x148mm Boost
    Brake Rotor Mount: 6-bolt
    Driver Options: SRAM XD, Shimano HyperGlide (HG), Shimano MicroSpline
    Tubeless Ready: Yes
    Intended Use: Enduro/AM
    Warranty: Lifetime

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

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