Waypoint Grips
Waypoint Grips Waypoint Grips Waypoint Grips Waypoint Grips Waypoint Grips Waypoint Grips


Waypoint Grips

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97 grams
97 grams
97 grams
97 grams
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Deity's Waypoint grips are a Mountain Biker’s dream!  Built around a smart tapered internal sleeve that eliminate any chance for play once fully tapped onto your handlebar and coupled with the single bolt lock-on clamp, the new Deity line of grips left no detail unexplored. Their TRC rubber blend delivers an incredibly resilient tactile performance for improved durability with an amazing feel right out of the packaging. A diamond pattern is a beloved texture for a mtb grip and is often used, but rarely maximized. Eager to deliver you a diamond pattern grip that was slightly larger in outer diameter to the standard norm, the design of the Waypoint was born. Featuring a 31mm outer diameter, the body of the Waypoint seamlessly transitions to the end of the grip allowing you the room to stretch out on epic climbs, to maximize every mm of available grip, and to avoid having to have your hands on metal clamps.

INSTALLATION TIP: To fully and properly install your Knuckleduster grip due to the tapered inner sleeve...make certain to whack the end of the grip 3 times with the palm of your hand until the grip fully seats onto the handlebar and finish the install by tightening the hardware to the specs listed on the packaging.

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  • 132mm length with 31mm outer diameter
  • Featuring DEITY TRC rubber compound for exceptional durability
  • Seamless transition through the end of the grip for comfort and full range of control
  • Single clamp design with forward facing bolts