Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018
Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018 Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018


Spartan Carbon Frame - 2018

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2734 grams
2824 grams
2930 grams
3040 grams
2734 grams
2824 grams
2930 grams
3040 grams
weight without shock
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It's been nearly four years since Devinci first had us swooning over the Spartan. At the time, it was a fairly radical departure from the rest of their bikes, offering up a whopping 165mm travel aboard the relatively new 27.5" wheel size. It turned out to be one of Devinci's most popular bikes for racers and weekend warriors alike. While most bike models seem to run on a two year lifecycle in the mountain bike world, Devinci did not want to rush into replacing this bike. They new that with it's popularity, they had to do their homework and make sure the replacement was up to snuff, as it had big shoes to fill. As predicted, Devinci did well to make a great bike even better, and what we have now is a completely new bike from the ground-up that is absolutely a worthy replacement.

First and foremost, the most noticeable change with the new Spartan is the vertical shock placement, which puts it more along the lines of their Troy aesthetically. They opted to ditch the horizontal shock position that we saw on the previous Spartan in an effort to improve stiffness and reduce side-load on the rear shock. Along with the new placement, we also get metric shock sizing as well as Rock Shox's Trunnion bearing upper mounting system. The Trunnion system reduces initial compression stiction by doing away with a traditional DU-bushing style upper shock mount, and replacing it with sealed cartridge bearings in the upper linkage that bolt directly to the top of the shock body. Ultimately this provides buttery-smooth suspension feel as well as improved small bump compliance. As with the last Spartan, the new model is boasting 165mm rear suspension travel, along with Devinci's evolved Split Pivot suspension platform, developed in conjunction with Dave Weagle. The Spartan is intended to be run with a either 170mm or 180mm travel suspension fork.

As one would suspect, the new Spartan gets longer and slacker in the geometry department. It's approximately 20 - 30mm longer in the reach, and just under a degree slacker on the head angle. Seat tube height has been reduced, while bore depth increased to accomodate the longer crop of 175mm dropper posts.

The new Spartan Carbon frame has dropped roughly 310 grams off the old frame weight. A new EPS-molding construction along with a full carbon seatstay and chainstay have helped to save the weight, all while managing to make the frame stiffer and stronger. The revised frame design also gives it more seat tube clearance for 175mm dropper posts. Devinci also opted to make this bike Di2 compatible by integrating a battery holder on the underside of the downtube, underneath the kevlar reinforced skid plate. Not into Di2? This compartment can also be used to stash tools, parts, or anything else stash-worthy.

All cables on the Spartan are routed internally through the main frame. The shifter cable is also routed internally through the chainstay, while the rear brake cable sits outside the frame on the rear end of the bike. A full sized (24oz) water bottle fits on the downtube cage mounts across all frame sizes. Other details include Boost 12x148mm rear dropout spacing, pressfit BB92 bottom bracket shell, and a ZS44 / ZS62mm headset. 

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Frame Material: Carbon
Wheel Size: 27.5"
Rear Shock: Rock Shox Super Deluxe RC3 Debonair
Rear Suspension Travel: 165mm
Rear Shock Size: 205mm x 65mm
Rear Shock Hardware: Trunnion Top / 10mm x 20mm Bottom
Rear Axle Width: 12x148mm Boost
Included Headset: FSA Orbit
Headset Standard: ZS44mm/ZS62mm
BB Standard: BB92
ISCG Tabs: ISCG '05 3-Bolt
Chainline: 51mm
Brake Mount Type: Post-Mount 160mm
Max Rear Rotor Size: 203mm
Minimum Chainring Size: 30T
Maximum Chainring Size: 36T
Seat Post Diameter: 31.6mm
Seat Clamp Diameter: 37mm
Water Bottle Cage Mounts: One
Intended Use: DH/FR|AM/Enduro|Trail/AM
Warranty: Lifetime
  • Slit Pivot Suspension
    Dave Weagle’s patented Split Pivot technology. Today it represents the core of Devinci’s full-suspension line-up. The genius of the Split Pivot suspension system is that it works in conjunction with you—the rider—for intuitive performance and a fully customizable feel. It harmonizes and maximizes bump compliance, traction, and efficiency—factors that are normally at odds with each other. The result is a buttery smooth ride with hyperactive small bump compliance and podium-crushing pedal stroke efficiency. The system is called Split Pivot because of its concentric rear dropout pivot built in line with the rear wheel axle, but there’s more to it than that.

    The concentric rear dropout pivot, along with precise swing arm and linkage pivot placement, heightens performance to a level where rider action and bike reaction all meld into one. When you pedal, the bike rockets forward; when you corner, the bike nails your lines; when you brake, the bike maintains traction. Simple. Forget about shock lockouts, this superior blend of traction and efficiency heightens performance across all disciplines so you can focus on the ride.

    How Does Split Pivot Work?
    The beauty of the concentric dropout pivot design is that it separates acceleration forces from braking forces within the suspension system. This is achieved through precise pivot placement, whereby braking neutrality is tuned independently of acceleration characteristics. Suspension feel can be tuned by varying leverage ratio curves in a wide range of options to suit various riding disciplines.

    Split Pivot Testing and Tuning
    Designing a bike blueprint and manufacturing it from raw materials is only the first step in the process. In addition to cutting-edge features, rear shocks on Split Pivot models are custom tuned by Dave Weagle—in collaboration with world-class suspension manufacturers and skilled test pilots—to extract every last lick of traction, efficiency, and performance. This customized tuning is key to ensuring that every shock works in synchronicity with the Split Pivot, thus providing unreal feel and a ride you won’t want to quit.

    Split Pivot Suspension
  • Full Response Geometry
    FRG designs put riders in the best possible position on the bike. FRG bikes are quick and aggressive at lower speeds, demonstrate rock-solid stability at high speeds, and its low stand-over height gives bikes a nimble feel. Whether you're pedaling uphill or railing downhill singletrack, FRG guarantees precise handling and excellent power transfer. Devinci possesses possibly the best research and development minds in the bike industry. Years of experience testing competition mountain bikes and experimental rigs outfitted with cutting edge data-collecting instrumentation has lead to Full Response Geometry (FRG) engineering for cross-country frames, as well as FRG Adjustable tech for full-suspension mountain bikes.

    Full Response Geometry

mm / inches

Low Setting with 170mm Fork (569mm Axle-to-Crown)

Seat Tube 391 419 455 495
Top Tube 582 605 627 653
Reach 424 445 465 485
BB Height 337 337 337 337
Head Angle 65 65 65 65
Seat Angle 74.5 74.5 74.5 74.5
Standover 724 734 739 754
Chainstay 430 430 430 430
Head Tube 104 114 124 135
Wheelbase 1176 1199 1224 1250
Stack 606 615 625 634
Max Seatpost Insertion 255 286 202

High Setting with 170mm Fork (569mm Axle-to-Crown)

Seat Tube 391 419 455 495
Top Tube 579 602 625 650
Reach 429 450 470 490
BB Height 343 343 343 343
Head Angle 65.4 65.4 65.4 65.4
Seat Angle 74.9 74.9 74.9 74.9
Standover 739 739 744 759
Chainstay 428 428 428 428
Head Tube 114 114 124 135
Wheelbase 1175 1199 1223 1247
Stack 603 612 621 630
Max Seatpost Insertion 255 286 202

cm / ft

Rider Height (cm) 152 - 171 169 - 180 178 - 187 185 - 193