Spartan Carbon SX
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Spartan Carbon SX Spartan Carbon SX Spartan Carbon SX

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Spartan Carbon SX

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At the 2013 World Cup race in Pietermaritzburg, we saw Steve Smith aboard a one-off prototype 27.5"-wheeled Devinci, sporting a drastic aggressive new look and eye-catching lines. Naturally it caught our attention, but Devinci assured everyone that it was just a one-time deal, and that we wouldn't see this bike be produced. Or would it?

If we've learned one thing about Devinci, it's that they never rest. They take their existing designs, and work relentlessly to improve, evolve, and innovate. In the last two years, we've seen trail/enduro bikes evolve into increasingly capable machines. We've even started seeing professional downhill racers choosing their enduro bikes over the downhill bike for certain courses. Five years ago, no one in their right mind would have even dreamed to race a trail bike at a world-cup downhill track. My oh my, how the times have changed.

Enter the Spartan - a bike that is quite difficult to fit into any specific genre. A bike that can be taken to any enduro race on the planet, beaten for hours on end, only to come back begging for more. A bike that is perfectly comfortable ripping the gnarliest trails at Whistler, then heading to the valley trails for a grueling lap on Comfortably Numb. The Spartan is best described as enduro bike with a bit of downhill sprinkled in for good measure.

It should come as no surprise that the Spartan is designed around 27.5" wheels. It's the golden standard for just about any new bike coming to light, and we're perfectly fine with that. Devinci's Split-Pivot suspension design drives 165mm of supple travel, driven by the Rock Shox Monarch RC3 rear shock. The mainframe is constructed from Devinci's DMC-G monocoque carbon tubing, offering up increased stiffness and strength compared with the aluminum version of the frame. Perhaps most important, the Spartan Carbon frame is nearly two pounds lighter than the Spartan Alloy frame, a significant drop in weight. Devinci opted for a carbon seatstay on the Spartan to lend extra stiffness at the rear of the bike.

Geometry on the Spartan is aggressive - make no mistake. In the low/slack flip-chip setting, the Spartan's head angle sits at 65.8°, along with a 17" chainstay and 13.25" BB height. If that sounds a bit too aggressive for your liking, you can flip the geometry chips into the high setting for a 66.4° head angle, 16.9" chainstay, and 13.55" BB height. Even in the high setting, the angles are still relatively slack and low, translating to a bike that wants to be ridden on steep, fast, nasty terrain.

The Spartan Carbon frame comes stock with a Rock Shox Monarch RC3+ Debonair rear shock, FSA Orbit Z headset, and Maxle 12x142mm rear axle.

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  • Wheel Size: 27.5"
  • Frame Material: Carbon
  • Rear Shock: Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair
  • Rear Susp. Travel: 165mm
  • Rear Shock Size: 216mm x 63mm (8.5" x 2.5")
  • Rear Shock Hardware Size: Top: 8x25.2mm / Bottom: 8x42.2mm
  • Rear Axle Standard: 12x142mm
  • Fork: Rock Shox Pike RC Solo Air
  • Fork Axle: 15x100mm
  • Headset: FSA Orbit Zero Stack
  • Headset Standard: ZS44/ZS62mm
  • Wheelset: DT Swiss E1900 6-bolt
  • Tires: Maxxis High Roller II 2.4" 3C Dual-Ply
  • Crankset: SRAM X1-1000 w/32T Chainring
  • ISCG Tabs: I-'05
  • Bottom Bracket: SRAM BB92
  • BB Standard: BB92
  • Chain: Shimano 11s
  • Front Der. Mount: High Direct
  • Rear Der.: SRAM X1
  • Cassette: SRAM 11-Speed
  • Seatpost: Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 125mm
  • Seatpost Dia.: 31.6mm
  • Seat Clamp: Devinci Bolt On
  • Seat Clamp Dia: 34.9mm
  • Seat: Prologo K3
  • Shifters: SRAM X1 11-Speed
  • Handlebar: Devinci V2 Pro 35/780mm Riser
  • Stem: Devinci V2 Pro 35
  • Grips: Devinci Performance Lockon
  • Brakes: SRAM Guide R
  • Intended Use: AM/Enduro
  • Warranty: Lifetime on frame
  • Slit Pivot Suspension
    Dave Weagle’s patented Split Pivot technology. Today it represents the core of Devinci’s full-suspension line-up. The genius of the Split Pivot suspension system is that it works in conjunction with you—the rider—for intuitive performance and a fully customizable feel. It harmonizes and maximizes bump compliance, traction, and efficiency—factors that are normally at odds with each other. The result is a buttery smooth ride with hyperactive small bump compliance and podium-crushing pedal stroke efficiency. The system is called Split Pivot because of its concentric rear dropout pivot built in line with the rear wheel axle, but there’s more to it than that.

    The concentric rear dropout pivot, along with precise swing arm and linkage pivot placement, heightens performance to a level where rider action and bike reaction all meld into one. When you pedal, the bike rockets forward; when you corner, the bike nails your lines; when you brake, the bike maintains traction. Simple. Forget about shock lockouts, this superior blend of traction and efficiency heightens performance across all disciplines so you can focus on the ride.

    How Does Split Pivot Work?
    The beauty of the concentric dropout pivot design is that it separates acceleration forces from braking forces within the suspension system. This is achieved through precise pivot placement, whereby braking neutrality is tuned independently of acceleration characteristics. Suspension feel can be tuned by varying leverage ratio curves in a wide range of options to suit various riding disciplines.

    Split Pivot Testing and Tuning
    Designing a bike blueprint and manufacturing it from raw materials is only the first step in the process. In addition to cutting-edge features, rear shocks on Split Pivot models are custom tuned by Dave Weagle—in collaboration with world-class suspension manufacturers and skilled test pilots—to extract every last lick of traction, efficiency, and performance. This customized tuning is key to ensuring that every shock works in synchronicity with the Split Pivot, thus providing unreal feel and a ride you won’t want to quit.

    Split Pivot Suspension
  • Devinci Monocoque Carbon
    Enter DMC Gravity technology and a carbon repertoire for rides built to flow fast and smooth in rock-ravaged environments. Mountain-specific Devinci Carbon Monocoque G technology uses cross-hatched and unidirectional carbon fiber layers, bolstered by high-strength epoxy resins and finished with a blast of Nano powder additive. This Devinci-exclusive recipe equates to ultra-lightweight frames, fine-tuned for knockout strength. Stand on the pedals, batten down the hatches, and watch dirt get demolished. DMC G. World Cup annihilator and Steve Smith approved.

    All carbon frames are not built equal. Scratch that. Some just stand so tall above the rest, it’s dizzying. Devinci’s state-of-the-art, handmade carbon frames have achieved stratospheric status via an advanced stiffness tuning process. The formula involves harmonizing and hybridizing high-strength carbon fiber with high-modulus strains, while integrating numerous customized patterns in the layup process. The result is a fine-tuned tensile balance that combines the best of pedal-power stiffness with rock-stomping durability for premiere carbon performance. Devinci Stiffness Tuning. For the ultimate carbon blend—where and when it matters most.

    Devinci merges bladder molding with advanced silicone insert technologies for precision carbon monocoque construction across all facets of the frame. The result is a buttery smooth architecture, inside and out—far surpassing one-dimensional bladder construction builds. Bladder molding is used during the layup process to guarantees a flawless fit for simpler parts. For more complex junctions, such as head tubes and bottom brackets, silicone-insert technology is the new standard for superior carbon compaction. In addition, the removable silicon insert ensures that adequate and even pressure is applied to the smallest, most intricate sections. This multitier carbon build process results in not only a lighter frame, but a completely synched ride built for ultimate, all-terrain performance.

    Devinci Monocoque Carbon
  • Full Response Geometry
    FRG designs put riders in the best possible position on the bike. FRG bikes are quick and aggressive at lower speeds, demonstrate rock-solid stability at high speeds, and its low stand-over height gives bikes a nimble feel. Whether you're pedaling uphill or railing downhill singletrack, FRG guarantees precise handling and excellent power transfer. Devinci possesses possibly the best research and development minds in the bike industry. Years of experience testing competition mountain bikes and experimental rigs outfitted with cutting edge data-collecting instrumentation has lead to Full Response Geometry (FRG) engineering for cross-country frames, as well as FRG Adjustable tech for full-suspension mountain bikes.

    Full Response Geometry
Show as Millimeters

Low Flip Chip Setting

Size Seat Tube Theoretical Top Tube Reach BB Height Head Angle Seat Angle Standover Chainstay HeadTube Wheelbase
S 16.1" 22" 15.5" 13.25" 65.8° 72.4° 28.6" 17" 4.1" 44.9"
M 17.5" 22.8" 16.25" 13.25" 65.8° 72.4° 28.9" 17" 4.5" 45.7"
L 18.7" 23.6" 17" 13.25" 65.8° 72.4° 29.5" 17" 4.9" 46.5"
XL 20" 24.4" 17.7" 13.25" 65.8° 72.4° 30" 17" 5.3" 47.3"

High Flip Chip Setting

Size Seat Tube Theoretical Top Tube Reach BB Height Head Angle Seat Angle Standover Chainstay HeadTube Wheelbase
S 16.1" 22" 15.8" 13.5" 66.4° 73° 28.7" 16.9" 4.1" 44.8"
M 17.5" 22.8" 16.5" 13.5" 66.4° 73° 29" 16.9" 4.5" 45.6"
L 18.7" 23.6" 17.2" 13.5" 66.4° 73° 29.6" 16.9" 4.9" 46.4"
XL 20" 24.4" 17.9" 13.5" 66.4° 73° 30.1" 16.9" 5.3" 47.2"