TRS 29" x 2.35" Tire
TRS 29" x 2.35" Tire TRS 29" x 2.35" Tire


TRS 29" x 2.35" Tire

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For 2018, E13 re-engineered their TRS tires with a more stable, supportive casing, and better puncture protection. The TRS and LG1 tires carry over the same tread pattern, however, the second generation e*thirteen tires use tapered Apex inserts, which dramatically improve grip under cornering and braking, decrease rolling resistance, and dramatically increase the tire’s puncture resistance.

Race tires have an added layer of woven aramid reinforcement that not only maximizes air retention, but better protects against sidewall cuts and punctures.

Both Race and Plus tires use a slow rebound, tacky rubber throughout the tire, but the Race version uses high-tack rubber on the side knobs to maximize cornering and off camber grip.

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  • Diameter: 29"
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes
  • Bead: Folding
  • Intended Use: AM/Enduro
  • Ideal for Conditions: Loose, loose over hard, loam, wet
  • Race Compound: Apex inserts, aramid reinforced casing, high-tack side knobs, slow-rebound rubber, tubeless ready, folding bead
  • Plus Compound: Apex inserts, tubeless ready, slow-rebound rubber, folding bead