AM30 29" Boost Wheelset
AM30 29" Boost Wheelset AM30 29" Boost Wheelset AM30 29" Boost Wheelset AM30 29" Boost Wheelset

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AM30 29" Boost Wheelset


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ENVE Composites AM30 29" Boost Wheelset

Can the ENVE AM30 29" Boost Wheelset be your next all-mountain ripping wheelset?

ENVE says yes. 

Over a decade ago, ENVE released the AM, a first-of-its-kind hand-built carbon mountain bike rim, strong enough to be ridden every day, on any trail. The AM30 pays tribute to the past, while ushering in a new era of carbon rim performance developed on the back of 13 years crafting carbon for the demands of the modern all-mountain rider.

With a modern rim shape, compliant-yet-snappy carbon laminate, tubeless optimization, anti-pinch flat technology, a 30mm internal width, lifetime guarantee, and a balanced all-mountain ride-tune, the AM30 is ready for anything you can throw at it.

For those of us, who when asked what kind of riding we do, say, “I just like to ride my mountain bike” — the ride tune of the AM30 is for us. It’s designed to hold true (pun intended) to the quick and snappy feel inherent in ENVE’s DNA, while adding compliance and vibration absorption.

This translates into a wheel that accelerates out of corners in the ENVE way, but subdues the chunk in the “faster” lines we all “unintentionally” find ourselves blasting down. With lateral rigidity close to a full-out race wheel, the AM30 retains a playful and fun-loving personality that’s not just here for a fast-time – it’s here for a good-time.

As a one-wheelset quiver for park laps, lunch laps, and backcountry epics, the Foundation Collection’s AM30 makes it the perfect fit for your 110mm to 180mm travel all-mountain ride.



      With a unique shape and ride-tune, the AM30 balances compliance and vibration damping for all-day comfort, while retaining quick cornering, acceleration, and gravity-rated strength. Offset spoke holes balance spoke tensions to help preserve the wheels’ quickness and the spoke’s integrity – despite the rim’s additional compliance.


      The AM30 helps to prevent pinch flats and ruined rides with our patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead.

      The Wide Hookless Bead dissipates impact energy preventing the rim from slicing the tire. This means you can pick the tires, casings, and pressures you want to run, instead of letting the fear of flats dictate these important decisions for you. The AM30 helps to prevent pinch-flats and ruined rides with our proven, patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead.


      ENVE has expanded its patented process of molding spoke and valve stem holes to include external spoke holes and nipples. Because carbon fiber gets its strength from continuous fibers, they route the fibers around the holes without cutting them which increases the strength of each spoke hole and reduces the likelihood of frequent truing. Additionally, by molding the spoke and valve stem holes, ENVE rims achieve a greater strength to weight ratio. Strong, light, and maintenance free.


      It’s no secret that we at ENVE are proud of our U.S. based manufacturing capabilities.  Like all our rims, the Foundation Collection and its AM30 are handmade and assembled in our Ogden, Utah based, state-of-the-art carbon wheel manufacturing facility. The AM30 is covered under ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection program and 5 Year Factory Warranty.


    Wheelsize: 29"
    Material: Carbon
    Inner Width: 30mm
    Outer Width: 39mm
    Rim Depth: 20mm
    Spoke Material: Steel
    Spoke Interface: J-Bend
    Spoke Type: Double Butted
    Spoke Count: 28
    Front Hub: Industry Nine 1/1 15x110mm Boost
    Rear Hub: Industry Nine 1/1 12x148mm Boost
    Brake Rotor Mount: Centerlock
    Driver Options: SRAM XD, Shimano HyperGlide (HG), Shimano MicroSpline
    Tubeless Ready: Yes
    Intended Use: TR/AM/EN
    Warranty: Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year Factory Warranty

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

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