GE1 Slim Grips
GE1 Slim Grips GE1 Slim Grips GE1 Slim Grips GE1 Slim Grips GE1 Slim Grips


GE1 Slim Grips

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103 grams
103 grams
103 grams
103 grams
103 grams
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    The GE1 Slim is a slimmer construction of the top-selling GE1, which is designed for those riders who prefer a smaller grip or want to experience a more direct feel to the handlebar. The GE1 Slim grip actively supports the correct position of the upper body, forearms, and hands during aggressive downhill riding. By rotating the grip 8% on the handlebar axis, the rider automatically bends the elbow outwards for technical riding. "Et Voilà!" as Frenchman and 3 time DH World Champion, Fabien Barel, would say, who help develop the GE1 Slim with Ergon. An inboard forged aluminum clamp keeps the GE1 Slim secure. Fully integrated handlebar plugs connect to the inner core (Pat. Pending) enabling the rider to grip right at the end on the handlebar on a soft and damping grip edge. The unique GE1 Slim shape reduces pressure on the sensitive ulna nerve and arm pump is effectively reduced. Carbon bar compatible.

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