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Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame Druid Frame

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Druid Frame



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3010 grams
3050 grams
3080 grams
3110 grams
3010 grams
3050 grams
3080 grams
3110 grams
3010 grams
3050 grams
3080 grams
3110 grams
3010 grams
weight without shock
Blue Steel
Mr. Brownstone
Cosmic Eggplant
Ride Wrap Installed - Mr. Brownstone

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Forbidden Bike Co. Druid Frame

A mere passing glance at the Forbidden Druid will almost certainly warrant a double-take. There’s something seriously different going on here, and we’re here to tell you, it’s not witchcraft...it’s wizardry. What sets this bike apart, and why is the chain routed way up by the main pivot through an idler pulley? The Druid uses what’s called a high single pivot suspension platform, which we’ll get into more down below. While high single pivot has been used for many years on downhill bikes (the Commencal Supreme, Norco Aurum HSP, GT Fury to name a few), the implementation of this platform on trail bikes is almost non-existent...until now. Save for a select few tiny boutique frame companies building a high single pivot trail bike, the Forbidden Druid is one of the first to be available to the mass market, and that’s not all - it’s got some serious credentials to boot. Owen Pemberton, the mastermind behind the Druid, has been in the industry for many years, and was the lead engineer for the Aurum HSP when he worked at Norco. A few years back, he branched out to start his own bike company up in Cumberland, BC. The Druid is the culmination of his team’s efforts, a 130mm travel 29’er that offers something truly unique in a market that is increasingly monotone, hence the expression, “Looks like a Session”.

As with many action sports, the level of progression with mountain biking has risen at an astonishing pace in the last decade. Along with that progression comes increased demand on the bikes themselves, as riders are pushing bikes harder, faster, and rougher. Bike stability has become a paramount feature that many riders are looking for, which is why we’ve seen bikes with longer reaches and top tubes trending these days. While some manufacturers have gone to extremes in this regard, Forbidden has found a nice middle ground, with a large frame sporting a 465mm reach. It’s not crazy long, but it’s certainly not a short bike by any means. There is a point of diminishing returns as reach and top tubes are stretched longer and longer. Eventually, the bike’s handling and maneuverability will suffer.

Speaking more on geometry, Forbidden has spent the extra time and money to implement size-specific frames with their "Better Fit" geometry. A challenge for all modern bikes, especially those with 29” wheels, is the relationship between effective and actual seat angle. The Druid's actual seat angles change with each size getting progressively steeper as frame size increases, ensuring taller riders have a better-seated position. This is accomplished by using one swingarm size across the size spectrum, and adjusting the bottom bracket and seat tube position for each frame size. This commitment to a better fit for all riders also led to larger than normal increases in head tube lengths that better suit each end of the size range. This small but extremely important detail ensures that you, the rider, will feel instantly at home on the Druid.

With a high single pivot design, the rear wheel travels up and backwards as you move through the suspension travel, elongating the rear-center dimension. This is known as a rearward axle path. The most obvious advantage to this is the bike’s ability hold momentum through bumps, particularly those nasty square edged hits. Another benefit to explore that may be overlooked, but still equally important, is the bike’s axle path in relation to the wheelbase length. On more common suspension designs, the bike’s rear wheel moves primarily upward, with little rearward movement. When you factor in fork compression, which effectively moves the front wheel towards you, the result is a wheelbase that is shortens as you move through the suspension travel. On the Druid, the rear wheel moves backwards, which helps to offset the shortening of the wheelbase due to fork compression. Consider this hypothetical situation: you’re riding off a drop on to flat ground, landing with both wheels at the same time. Typically, you’d ride out of this situation with a shortened, skittish wheelbase. With the Druid, the length of the wheelbase is basically unchanged, even at the bottom of the bike’s suspension travel. On the trail, this translates to an exceptionally stable ride, whether you’re hitting a massive g-out, or blasting through high speed chatter.


  • The Druid’s progressive leverage curve supports the use of a coil shock.
  • Can be converted to a mullet setup using Forbidden's proprietary Ziggy Link
  • From the forged Rate Control linkages to the custom stainless steel screws that hold everything together, we have spared no expense in the finishing of the Druid.
  • All frame sizes can fit a full-size 26oz water bottle, regardless of your rear shock reservoir.
  • Includes a full suite of custom frame protection to keep the noisy bits quiet and the hard to clean bits free from crud.


Frame Material: Carbon
Wheel Size: 29"
Front Suspension Travel: 150mm
Rear Suspension Travel: 130mm
Rear Shock: Fox Float DPX2 3-Pos EVOL Performance Elite
LT (light tune) on SM/MD, Standard Tune LG/XL
Rear Shock Size: 210mm x 55mm
Rear Shock Hardware: 8mm x 30mm Upper and Lower
Rear Axle Width: 12x148mm Boost
Headset Standard: ZS44mm/ZS56mm
BB Standard: 73mm BSA
ISCG Tabs: ISCG '05 2-Bolt
Brake Mount Type: Post-Mount 180mm
Max Rear Rotor Size: 203mm
Minimum Chainring Size: 28T
Maximum Chainring Size: SM 32T / MD 34T / LG 36T / XL 38T
Maximum Tire Size: Recommended: 2.4". Some tires up to 2.6" will work. Should a desired tire option foul on the swingarm, remove it immediately. Exceeding recommended tire widths will void your warranty.
Seat Post Diameter: 31.6mm
Seat Clamp Diameter: 35mm
Water Bottle Cage Mounts: One on downtube + one accessory mount on top tube
Intended Use: Trail/AM
Warranty: 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials

Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.


mm / inches

150mm Fork (551mm Axle-to-Crown)

Seat Tube 400 420 450 490
Top Tube 580 604 627 651
Reach 425 445 465 485
BB Height 340 340 340 340
Head Angle 65.5 65.6 65.6 65.6
Seat Angle 75.6 75.6 75.6 75.6
Standover 724 724 730 736
Chainstay 414 426 438 450
Head Tube 90 105 120 135
Wheelbase 1149 1187 1225 1263
Stack 606 620 634 648
Max Seatpost Insertion 220 240 270 275


cm / ft

Rider Height (cm) 158 - 168 168 - 178 178 - 188 188 - 198

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