36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019
36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019 36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019 36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019 36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019 36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019

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36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory - 2019

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2072 grams
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The Fox 36 platform for 2019 still uses the new FIT4 damper tune from 2018 as well as the EVOL technology. Read on to find out more, and why this is Fox's finest 36-series fork we've seen.

3-Position FIT4 Damper
Now in it's fourth generation, the FIT4 damper tune has been tweaked and improved, featuring a reconfigured shim stack that provides more sensitivity while maintaining support under aggressive riding conditions. Fox's FIT4 damper offers three main compression settings, Open/Medium/Firm. In the open position, the fork's oil flow is maximized, providing a very plush and responsive feel overall. The medium position stiffens the initial compression, allowing the fork to ride slightly higher in it's travel, reducing pedal bob/feedback. The firm setting will be increase initial compression resistance even more, and will offer the firmest ride of the three settings. Naturally, the open setting is intended for downhill trail sections, the medium setting is intended for primarily flat trail sections, and the firm setting is intended for climbing. In the open mode, the FIT4 damper offers 22 clicks of low speed compression, though it does lack the externally adjustable high speed compression that the RC2 damper offers (found on some of Fox's 36-series forks). Why offer such a range of compression adjustment in the open setting when you could just flip the knob to the medium setting? Good question. The medium setting is intended for a quick on-the-fly switch to a firmer platform. On the inside of the fork, the medium setting, the fork has to push through a shim stack ever time it is compressed, which results in slightly harsher small bump performance. The open setting however does not utilize that shim stack, resulting in unadulterated performance - so it makes sense to give those extra 22 clicks of compression adjustability in this setting, as that is where you'll likely be spending the most time when riding.

The FIT4 utilizes a 10mm shaft and seal head design that increases oil flow to the base valve, same as what's used on Fox's 40-series forks. Fox also increased flow through the rebound circuit for faster recovery from hard hits. With the increased oil flow throughout the entire damper, as well as improvements to inner seal heads, the FIT4 forks will be very plush and responsive in the open setting.

The 36 Gets EVOL Treatment
Previously only found on Fox's rear shocks, EVOL (Extra Volume) has now made it's way into the 36-series forks. A more linear spring curve gives EVOL forks plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support, and more tunable bottom-out progression, allowing riders to tap into the ideal pairing of front and rear-end feel. EVOL also increases negative air spring volume, specifically positioned and sized for optimum small bump sensitivity.

Travel Options
Fox offers this fork in two travel options from Fox: 150mm and 160mm. We have expanded upon this, and are offering pre-adjusted travel 140mm for those building shorter travel bikes who still want the burliness of the 36 platform. All options have a 51mm crown offset, ideal for most 29"-wheeled bikes.

In the box

  • 36 Float 29" 3-Pos FIT4 EVOL 15x110 Factory
  • (3) Volume spacers
  • Star nut


Travel: 140mm, 150mm, 160mm
Wheel Size: 29"
Spring: Air
Disc Mount: Post Mount 180mm
Travel Adjust: No
Axle Configuraton: 15x110mm Boost
Min. Rotor Size: 180mm
Max. Rotor Size: 203mm
Crown Material: Aluminum
Lowers Material: Magnesium
Stanchion Material: Aluminum
Steertube Diameter: 1.125" - 1.5" Tapered
Crown Offset: 51mm
Intended Use: AM/Enduro
Warranty: 1 Year

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