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X2 1700 Lumen Headlight
X2 1700 Lumen Headlight X2 1700 Lumen Headlight X2 1700 Lumen Headlight X2 1700 Lumen Headlight X2 1700 Lumen Headlight X2 1700 Lumen Headlight X2 1700 Lumen Headlight


X2 1700 Lumen Headlight


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The Gloworm X2 is an evolution in night riding. CNC machined from a single block of 6061-T6 Alloy and weighing a mere 89g, this waterproof unit turns night into day. The X2 is the most versatile light in the Gloworm range, working effectively as either a bar or helmet light.

Default Settings
Trail – Low / Medium / High. Special mode: Super Dim
Commute – Low / High. Special mode: Flash (1 Flash every 2 seconds – Flash pattern is High/Low/High)

In the box

  • X2 light
  • 6800mAh battery and smart charger
  • Extension cable
  • Wireless TX Remote
  • Universal QR Helmet Mount
  • 31.8mm QR handlebar mount
  • Spare optics (wide, spot)


    Lumens: 1700
    Material: CNC aluminum
    Mount: Helmet mount, 31.8mm bar mount, universal mount
    Battery Type: 4-Cell HC 6800mAh Li-ion Battery
    Runtime: 3 hr run time on max brightness
    Intended Use: Mountain biking
    Warranty: 1 year


    • Waterproof to IP67
    • Shockproof: light can withstand a significant drop to a very hard surface, while the batteries are a little less robust and can take a drop from 6 feet without suffering considerable damage
    • User Customizable: with a few clicks of the button you can change the default light level brightness to better suit your next adventure or race day requirements. This function is great if you want to conserve your battery by limiting your maximum brightness.
    • Wireless Button can be used to control one or many lights either independently or synchronized.
    • Universal Mounting: The system allows the use of the same mounting system across the range of lights, meaning you can use the same mount for different lights. The Universal Mounting System is also compatible with other common adventure product mounting systems.
    • Self Protection: To ensure their lights withstand the test of time, all of Gloworm's lights feature self-protection features that limit overheating of the electronics, overcharging of the batteries and excessive discharging. As a rider, you would never know this is occurring, however the light itself will constantly check temperature and power in an effort to make your experience the best possible.

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