Big Aluminum Deal 27.5" Fat Rim


Big Aluminum Deal 27.5" Fat Rim

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Hed's demanding, discerning, and fat-loving customers have spoken: They love their Big Deal rims. Nothing else offers the same combination of easy tubeless setup, stiffness, and jaw-dropping weight savings.
Enter: the Big Aluminum Deal. At 80mm wide, the B.A.D. offers superb fit with all common fat bike tire sizes. It has the same Inflatobam tubeless technology as its carbon brethren - saving over a pound in inner tubes alone. 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Inner Width: 75mm
  • Outer Width: 80mm
  • Offset: N/A
  • Depth: N/A
  • ERD: 586
  • Hole Count: 32
  • Intended Use: Fat Bikes
  • Warranty: 5 year limited
  • These rims utilize a patented ribbed, single-wall design to maximize stiffness and minimize rotational weight.
  • Inflatobam is Hed’s patented tubeless system for installing fatbike tires. The twin channel rim design traps each tire bead against the rim during inflation, reducing the air volume to “bam” the beads into place. Paired with the rim shape, Inflatobam uses Inflatobands to provide a variable rim-channel diameter to compensate for the discrepancies in tire bead diameters (the main source of air leaks). Once seated, the angled bead shelf, interior surfacing, and tight tolerances prevent the tire from collapsing into the rim at low pressure, ensuring no tire burp or slip. Welcome to a new era - consider yourself Inflatobammed!

    What is Inflatobam?
  • Min PSI: 8
  • Max PSI: 14
  • Recommended tire size: 3.7" +