Hope Pro 4 / Stan's Flow MK3 26" DH Wheelset
Hope Pro 4 / Stan's Flow MK3 26" DH Wheelset Hope Pro 4 / Stan's Flow MK3 26" DH Wheelset Hope Pro 4 / Stan's Flow MK3 26" DH Wheelset

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Hope Pro 4 / Stan's Flow MK3 26" DH Wheelset

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These wheels were hand-built at Fanatik by a professional wheel builder and have been triple-checked for tension. All of our hand-built wheels are assembled using Linseed Oil which helps the wheels stay true. Our wheels are shipped in a custom wheel box, insuring they will arrive to you safe-and-sound.

Stan's Flow MK3 Rims
Built off the successes of the old Flow line of rims, the new Flow MK3 offers the perfect balance of tire stability for outstanding control at any speed. The rim's use and history on the World Cup Downhill circuit, astonishing for a rim that was originally designed for All-Mountain use, were taken into account for this new model. It is now laterally stiffer and more durable. The new alloy is also even lighter, putting the new Flow MK3 in a class by itself for all-around performance.

Hope Pro 4 Hubs 
Hope has been producing beautifully crafted CNC'd mountain bike parts for as long as we can remember. Hope's latest iteration of their legendary Pro rear hub has been revamped with all sorts of new tech. The Pro 4 packs the same reliable CNC'd hub shell that we've come to know and love on the previous Pro 2 and Pro 3 models. However, they've increased the flange diameter on the Pro 4, which Hope says will increase wheel stiffness. They also increased the hub shell diameter, which has also allowed them to increase the size of the ratchet mechanism in the freehub, increase the size of the main driver bearing, and increase engagement as well. The Pro 4 offers 44 point engagement - every 8° rotation - which is plenty for most mountain biking scenarios. The larger diameter driver bearing lends extra stiffness, and a longer life. Despite the increased dimensions, weight has remained about the same as the previous Pro 2/Pro 3 hubs.

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  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Tubeless Ready: No - needs tape and valve stems
  • Inner Rim Width: 29mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 32.3mm
  • Rim Depth: 16mm
  • Rim Material: Aluminum
  • Spoke Material: Steel
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Competition J-Bend
  • Spoke Count: 32
  • Front Axle Config: 20x110mm
  • Rear Axle Config: 12x150mm
  • Intended Use: DH
  • Warranty: Rim - 1 year / Hubs - 2 years