941 Carbon 29" Rim
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941 Carbon 29" Rim 941 Carbon 29" Rim


941 Carbon 29" Rim

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495 grams

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The 941 is a carbon fiber 29" rim with 41mm width that delivers enhanced tire stability and high strength at low weight. At a fraction of the price of some other carbon rim offerings, the 941 delivers amazing value.

Wide rims support the tire’s sidewalls better, allowing lower pressures without the tires folding over or burping. This dramatically increases stability and traction. This shows up as faster cornering and braking, better grip in all conditions. How much lower pressure can you go? In general, for a given rider, using tires you've used before in a given locale, you will be able to run lower tire pressures with wider rims. How much lower can only be determined through experimentation. Typically, riders are running 4–6 psi less than normal. Light riders on moderate terrain are running as low as 15-17psi.

Big - If gravity is your thing, bigger tires and lower pressures equal more traction. The problem is, you can only go so low with large tires on narrow rims before they become unstable. Enter the wide rim. Select the pressure you want without having to over pressurize the tire to control stability and burping.

Not-so-big - If you’re leaning more toward XC use, you can actually go down one tire size and achieve the same or higher levels of traction and performance, only at a reduced overall weight.

Wider rims dramatically reduce the incidence of burping. With wider rims the tire sidewall can’t exert as much force on the bead to unseat it and allow air to escape.

“Anyone who wants to ride really fast off-road needs to decrease tire pressure. The rougher the ground, the more pronounced the effect. Traction and comfort increase too.”
Peter Nilges, Editor, Bike Magazine (Germany)

Our wide rim profiles provide better sidewall support, allowing you to run lower pressures with no ill effects.

More from Peter’s university thesis:
“Any such unevenness means that part of the forward propulsion force is required to lift machine and rider upwards. This is equivalent to riding a short uphill grade that requires a certain amount of lifting energy. A tire with less inflation can adapt to unevenness more easily. The total system needs to be lifted to a lesser degree and less frequently. Resistance is reduced, less power is required.”

Read the great article here.

Impact damage is the way most carbon rims die. The rim we’ve designed is much stronger in the area where impacts occur since it's a solid rectangle instead of an inverted "J". This spreads the impact out over a larger area that is also supported by more material.

We tested the impact strength of several major brands of carbon fiber rims and discovered that the change to hookless bead was a major advantage in impact strength. We also optimized the layup to further increase strength. In the end, our rims are 50 to 300% stronger in impact than competing rims we measured. We don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but we do want you to know that these are well-respected and well-known manufacturers.

The switch to carbon fiber as a rim material has allowed us to build a 495 gram 41 mm wide rim, which is lighter than the much smaller and weaker alloy rims it replaces.

Without wallowing sidewalls, and with dramatic increases in rim stiffness and contact patch area, the front end of the bike feels more precise and firmly planted than it ever did before. The difference is even greater than the improvements that came from tapered steerers and through axles in recent years.

We’ve carefully sized the bead area so that it’s easy to mount and dismount most tubeless tires by hand. Many tubeless tires will inflate and seat with only a floor pump.

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  • Material: Carbon
  • Inner Width: 35mm
  • Outer Width: 41mm
  • Depth: 29mm
  • ERD: 580mm
  • Hole Count: 32
  • Intended Use: AM/Enduro
  • Warranty: 3 year limited