Grade 300 29" Rim
Grade 300 29" Rim Grade 300 29" Rim

Industry Nine

Grade 300 29" Rim


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615 grams
These rims may only be sold as a complete System Wheelset. Please use our Visual Wheel Builder to build with these rims.

Industry Nine Grade 300 29" Rim

Stout enough for park laps - light enough for race day

Industry Nine gave the Grade rim a complete face lift. Beyond new and improved rim graphics, they stretched the rim to a 30mm inner width and added material to the bead wall for increased durability.

This new rim, combined with their straight-pull spokes and Torch hub chassis will make for one incredibly strong wheelset. Using stiffer spokes provides unrivaled cornering and tracking performance through the nastiest terrain - no more wheel flex throwing you off line. The added stiffness also makes tuning easier by eliminating the mushy, vague feeling other DH wheels deliver allows you to accurately judge everything from tire pressure to suspension settings.

    Tech Specs

    Material: Aluminum
    Wheel Size: 29"
    Inner Width: 30mm
    Outer Width: 35mm
    Depth: 21.8mm
    Hole Count: 32
    Tire Width: 2.3" - 2.8"
    Max Rider Weight: 300lbs
    Intended Use: Enduro/DH
    Warranty: 2 years

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.