Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20)
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Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20) Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20) Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20) Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20) Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20)

Industry Nine

Industry Nine Torch Grade 27.5" XD Wheelset (12x150/20)

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1868 grams
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Take I9's legendary 3° hub, throw in DH-specific spokes, and lace it to one of the lightest, strongest, and widest DH rims out there and you've got the ultimate DH wheelset. The instantly engaging 120-pt freehub allows you to ratchet through technical terrain and place your pedals exactly where you need them, leaving you with added speed and your feet set up for the next obstacle. The super stiff alloy spokes provide unrivaled cornering and tracking performance through the nastiest terrain - no more wheel flex throwing you off line. The added stiffness also makes tuning easier; eliminating the mushy, vague feeling most DH wheels deliver allows you to accurately judge everything from tire pressure to suspension settings. It's like taking off a dirty pair of goggles and seeing for the first time.

The Grade rims are wide, light, and strong, allowing you to attack the nastiest terrain with confidence. The 28.5mm internal width provides is an incredible upgrade from the industry standard 21mm, all while keeping weight at a competitive 530 grams per rim. The complete wheelset comes in at an impressive 1750 grams.

Unlike some high-end wheelsets, these aren't race day only wheels - they have the long-haul in mind. The new Grade-specific spokes have been thickened for added abrasion resistance and fatigue life. Secondary seals have been added to the hub endcaps, dramatically adding to bearing life. So go ahead and break out the hose, the wheels can take it.

Proven though numerous seasons under incredible athletes, the Grade wheels will continually deliver the goods, either while taking shuttle runs with your buddies or shaving seconds off of World Cup courses.


  • 120 point engagement


  • Wheel Size: 27.5
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes
  • Inner Rim Width: 28.5mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 33.5mm
  • Rim Depth: 22.6mm
  • Rim Material: Aluminum
  • Spoke Material: Aluminum
  • Spoke Type: Proprietary Straight Pull
  • Spoke Count: 32
  • Front Axle Config: 20x110
  • Rear Axle Config: 12x150
  • Intended Use: Enduro/DH
  • Warranty: 2 years