Southpaw Dropper Remote
Southpaw Dropper Remote Southpaw Dropper Remote

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Southpaw Dropper Remote

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It’s a simple little thing, but then again the world was turned upside down when shifters went down under. With the advent of 1x drivetrains, we saw a vacancy downstairs just begging for a hot neighbor to move in. Introducing the SOUTHPAW underbar remote specifically deisgned for bikes with 1x drivetrains. Drivetrain companies have already said it all for us. “Keep your hands on the bars, better control, yada, yada…” Truthfully, the thing just looks bitchen. Sold as an accessory only, SOUTHPAW uses an innovative split clamp allowing for 4-axis of adjustment for perfect ergonomics and feel.

*Compatible with all
 KS LEV posts