S-Track Pedal


S-Track Pedal

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The Look S-Track pedal implements a large 460 square millimeter interface to translate your strength to the bike. This large area also provides a stable platform for greater bike control. The S-Track also boasts a large bearing surface area for smooth operation and outstanding bearing durability. The patented removable cage system increases the pedal's flexibility and makes cleaning easier. Look also addressed the mud-clearing issue with its DCS (Dynamic Cleat System), so mud won't be a problem, even in wet conditions.The S-Track provides +/- 3 degrees of float for added comfort. The disengage angle is 15 degrees, so you won't eject accidentally. 
  • Bearing Type: 2 Ball Bearings, 1 IGus Bushing
  • Body Material: Composite
  • Axle Material: Chromoly steel
  • Cleat Type: DCS (Dynamic Cleat System
  • Intended Use: Cyclocross/XC/AM
  • Warranty: 2 years