MT7 Next Disc Brake
MT7 Next Disc Brake


MT7 Next Disc Brake

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The Magura MT7 Next disc brake is the legitimate heir to the Gustav M. It's new high-tech attributes, including optimum heat transfer and a clearly defined pressure point, deliver the maximum braking power required by high-speed, aggressive riders. The additional braking power of 4 pistons has been adapted from MAGURA’s motor sport experience which provides fine control and maximum stability in the toughest of conditions.

The MT7 can be used as a front or rear brake. The brake lines are long from the factory (2159mm) and will most likely need to be cut to fit your bike. 

  • Fluid: Magura Royal Blood
  • Pistons: 4
  • Lever Reach: Adjustable
  • Pad Contact: Adjustable
  • Lever Material: Aluminum - hollow
  • Intended Use: Enduro / DH
  • Warranty: 5 year leakproof