MT8 Next Carbon Disc Brake


MT8 Next Carbon Disc Brake

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223 grams
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Despite its ridiculously low weight, the Magura MT8 Next Carbon offers the highest braking power and stability of the 2-piston family. With uncompromising lightweight construction, this should be the first choice for cross country and trail riders. The brake's carbon design and the forged, one-piece brake caliper add a refined energy to your high end MTB.

The MT8 can be used as a front or rear brake. The brake lines are long from the factory (2159mm) and will most likely need to be cut to fit your bike. 

  • Fluid: Magura Royal Blood
  • Pistons: 2
  • Lever Reach: Adjustable
  • Pad Contact: Not Adjustable
  • Lever Material: Carbon
  • Intended Use: XC / Trail
  • Warranty: 5 year leakproof