48mm Tubeless Valves


48mm Tubeless Valves


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Nox 48mm Tubeless Valves

48mm tubeless valves by Speed Evolution. We've been on the lookout for valves like this for a long time, and finally talked Speed Evolution into making some to our specs. Black and the perfect length for our rims. Our rim profile is a bit deeper than most other mountain rims (deeper = stiffer!), so while you can get away with standard 34mm tubeless valves, we recommend these 48mm versions to give you some extra room to get a pump head on there. These are full alloy construction with a vulcanized rubber base that doesn't clog with sealant or collapse as you tighten the nut. A rubber o-ring keeps the nut from coming loose. Most importantly, they just look cool!

*set includes 2 valve stems

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