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Ochain Ochain-E

Ochain-E is an active spider that allows the chainring to rotate backwards to a degree, disengaging the transmission from the suspension and reducing pedal kickback. The result is a chainless feel that improves the whole riding experience and the bike’s performance.


Compatibility Notes:

  • While the Ochain-E offers exceptional compatibility, it cannot guarantee compatibility with all e-bike models on the market.
  • Ochain special BBT18 Tool is necessary for fitting the Ochain-E to the Shimano EP8 motor axle.
  • The Ochain-E for Shimano EP8 is not compatible with the original Shimano chain guide. It is exclusively compatible with the Ochain chain guide "Black Sheep."

    In the box

    • Ochain-E Chainring Spider
    • Chainring ergal nuts
    • One spare Ochain Elastomer Kit


    • Reduce or eliminate pedal kickback
    • Features a precise chainline for every motor available
    • Chainring standard: BCD 104 only, Oval chainring compatible
    Ochain Ochain-E: Nero / Shimano EP8: ECNSH52 - Nero / Bosch 52mm Chainline: 210000069303 - Nero / Bosch 55mm Chainline: 210000069304