ISCG '05 Upper Guide
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ISCG '05 Upper Guide ISCG '05 Upper Guide ISCG '05 Upper Guide

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ISCG '05 Upper Guide

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35 grams

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Eliminate dropped chains forever and more than double your chainring life with the new OneUp Components ChainguideAt only 35g the OneUp chainguide weighs less than a sip of water, and can save you money in less than a season. Narrow-wide (NW) rings are awesome, but they're not perfect and every once in a while you can drop a chain while riding. On a social ride this means getting dropped by your friends. But when racing, a dropped chain can cost you the podium, which is why almost every EWS pro runs both a chainguide and NW chainring.

As a NW ring wears, over time the teeth thin and loose their chain retention ability, leading to more dropped chains. The OneUp guide extends NW ring life by limiting the chains side-to-side movement, reducing the NW tooth wear and totally preventing the chain from derailing. Installing a OneUp guide means you now only have to replace your chainring when the driving faces have worn out, which typically doubles your usable chainring life. Buy less stuff - Work Less Ride More.

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  • Backplate Material: Aluminum
  • Mount: ISCG '05
  • Chainring Size Range: 26-38T
  • Intended Use: XC/AM/Enduro/Downhill
  • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Install without removing your crank
    • Single tool install and adjustment (4mm hex)
    • Boost compatible
    • Oval chainring compatible
    • Stainless steel hardware (ever notice how much rust loves ISCG bolts?)
    • Includes two top guide pieces, one black and one green
    • 5.5mm chainline adjustment
    • Incompatible frames (out of spec ISCG tab placement) Santa Cruz Bronson 2, Santa Cruz 5010 2, Intense Tracer T275, Rocky Mountain Altitude 27.5