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15x110mm Boost 32H Front Hub
15x110mm Boost 32H Front Hub 15x110mm Boost 32H Front Hub

Project 321

15x110mm Boost 32H Front Hub


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180 grams
180 grams
180 grams
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Project 321's ISO Disc Front Hub offers all of the same attributes as their ISO Front Hub but with a 10mm wider spacing to be compatible with the new Boost standard. The purpose of this is to create a stronger and stiffer wheel by improving the bracing angle of the spokes. Unlike most hub manufacturers, Project 321 put a little more thought into this new design. Most manufacturers have chosen to simply move both flanges out by 5mm. The problem with this is a typical front wheel has an imperfect spoke tension ratio, so by moving both flanges equally they may be widening bracing angles but they are ignoring the issue of tension. What sets Project 321's Boost front hubs apart is they decided to move the left flange out by 5mm but actually leave the right flange where it is. In doing this they made it so the spoke tension ratio is much closer to equilibrium. Combine that with flange angles that are matched to the bracing angle and you will build a stiffer, stronger, and longer lasting wheel using Project 321 boost hubs. 

Angled Flanges
Project 321 is the only manufacturer on the market to create a little to no-touch environment that allows the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. We have achieved this by matching the angle of the flanges to the average bracing angle of the spokes to remove any interference. On many of our competitors’ hubs the flanges are vertical or near vertical causing the outside spokes to make heavy contact with the flange creating a stress riser and reducing the strength and stiffness of the wheel.


    • Shell Material: Aluminum
    • Spoke Type: J Bend
    • Hole Count: 32
    • Bearing Type: ABEC 5 Enduro bearings
    • Disc Mount: 6 bolt
    • Axle Configuration: 15x110mm Boost
    • Intended Use: MTB
    • Warranty:
      10 years on hub shell
      5 years on end caps
      1 year warranty on bearings

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

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