G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub
G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub

Project 321

G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub

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286 grams
286 grams
286 grams
286 grams
286 grams
286 grams

Project 321 G2 12x142mm 32H Rear Hub

These hubs do not have a driver installed. You will have to reach out to Project 321 to source a driver.

Project 321's G2 Mountain Hub offers everything you could want from a rear hub. As the saying goes, "it’s all in the details." Details such as a revolutionary, magnetically engaged drive system, expanded oil volume in the drive chamber for better lubrication, angled flanges to lower stresses on spokes, high quality bearings, and more. All of these details come together to create one of the most superlative and unique hubs we've seen. Project 321 is a new force to be reckoned with in the mountain bike hub market.

Drive System
By using magnets as a pull spring (opposed to mechanical or magnetic push springs) to move pawls into the drive ring, they are able to achieve less drag and less noise than other high speed ratchet mechanisms. Using magnets in this configuration, the pawl force against the drive ring is at its strongest when the pawl is fully engaged. As the pawl climbs the drive ring teeth during freewheeling, the force (and friction) is reduced as the pawl magnets get farther away from the drive ring. This is the exact opposite of traditional mechanical push springs where the weakest point of the spring is at full engagement and the spring force gets stronger (creating more friction and drag) as the pawl is pushed up over the drive ring teeth during free wheeling. By carefully placing the correct strength magnet in the precise location, it provides plenty of force to quickly move the pawl into location as it clears a tooth but minimizes drag and friction during free wheeling.  It seems like a small detail that wouldn’t amount to much but the test numbers are showing a substantial decrease in drag.

Expanded Oil Volume
Project 321 hubs are machined with a series of holes in the drive chamber to drastically expand the oil volume. More oil dampens sound slightly but it also extends time between service intervals. Filling this chamber adds 1.5-2g of weight to the hub.
*Never use heavy weight grease in a Project 321 freehub, this will void the warranty!*  They recommend using only Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil or Dumonde Tech Pro X Freehub Grease. Heavy weight grease inside of the freehub can lead to issues such as stuck pawls and increased drag.

Angled Flanges
Project 321 is the only manufacturer on the market to create a little to no-touch environment that allows the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. We have achieved this by matching the angle of the flanges to the average bracing angle of the spokes to remove any interference. On many of our competitors’ hubs the flanges are vertical or near vertical causing the outside spokes to make heavy contact with the flange creating a stress riser and reducing the strength and stiffness of the wheel.

    Tech Specs

    • Shell Material: Aluminum
    • Drive Shell Material: Aluminum
    • Spoke Type: J Bend
    • Hole Count: 32
    • Bearing Type: ABEC 5 Enduro bearings, two of which are angular contact bearings
    • Disc Mount: 6 bolt
    • Axle Configuration: 12x142mm
    • Intended Use: MTB
    • Warranty:
      10 years on hub shell and axle
      3 years on pawls, drive ring, and free hub body
      1 year Enduro bearing warranty

    Specs subject to change without notice. Please check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date information.

    Reviews / Q&A

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