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ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid
ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid

Push Industries

ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid


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815 grams
815 grams
815 grams
Rider Weight

Spring Rate Chart


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The Push Elevensix Side Stack (SS) re-orients the Dual Overhead Compression Tuning Valves to sit perpendicular to the oil reservoir, allowing this high-end shock to fit in several sought after enduro/trail bikes, now including the Forbidden Druid.

Note: To accommodate the reduced clearance in the Druid frame, this shock will use a 2.25" spring for weights up to 475 lbs, and a 2" spring for weights from 500 - 600lbs. That 2" spring (called the 200 series HyperCoil) is available for all ElevenSix shocks up to 2.16" (55mm) of stroke. Due to their reduced length, these springs require a spring guide spacer assembly for proper fit.

Take one look at the Push ElevenSix, and it's clear this shock is built for business. Just about every piece of the shock is beautifully CNC-machined, adding to it's Robo-Cop appearance. But appearances aren't everything. Dive into the inner-workings of the ElevenSix, and we'll find that it is one of the most brilliantly designed and manufactured rear shocks out there. The folks at Push are a passionate bunch of mountain bikers that ride just as hard as any of us. Toss in a few suspension engineering wizards, access to aerospace-grade materials, and you've got a dangerously wicked combination.

So, what the heck are all those adjuster knobs on this shock? This is where the Push truly excels past any other rear shock. Push calls it their Dual Overhead Valve, which essentially offers two completely separate circuits that can be toggled on the fly with the lever placed above the blue knobs. Sounds similar to existing climb switches on shocks, but that's not what this is. Each circuit offers separately adjustable high and low speed compression (16 clicks HSC, 20 clicks LSC). On one circuit, you can adjust the shock to a firmer overall feel for climbing and/or trails with more pedaling. Flip it to the other circuit, and you can then adjust the high/low speed compression settings to completely change the feel of the shock. It's on-the-fly adjustability with zero compromise. So essentially what we have here is two completely separate shocks in one. Both circuits share the same rebound adjuster knob, located at the lower end of the shock. Rebound speed typically does not need to be changed within the two circuits, which is why Push opted to go this route.

If you're under 140lbs(64kg) then you're all too familiar with always having to run a compromised setup when it comes to travel and performance. The shock feels too mushy if setup to achieve more travel, always having to run all of the damping settings near fully open, and forget about the magical ride that riders of "average weight" talk about. Well, you're in luck! PUSH has listened and proudly offers lighter riders the solution. Specifically developed versions of ELEVENSIX featuring optimized spring rates, compression damping rates and rebound damping rates provide class leading performance. Finally lightweight riders can experience traction, proper ride height, and bottoming control like never before!

Ready to move to a new frame but want to keep your shock? With it's modular design, each ELEVENSIX can be converted in overall length, stroke, or even configuration such as going from a standard eyelet to trunnion style mounting. Prices vary based on application and our customer service team is always available to help.

As with all rider weights, your custom tuned ELEVENSIX comes ready to ride right out of the box.

In the box

  • ElevenSix SS - Druid Tune
  • Owner's manual
  • Factory setup card
  • Dyno test chart
  • Push stickers
  • Push nylon bag


Spring Type: Coil
External Adjustments: Low Speed Compression, High Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound, Spring Collar Preload
Mount: Eyelet top and bottom
Mounting Hardware: Included
Warranty: 1 year limited

Spring Rates

ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid

Rider Weight lbs (with gear) Spring Rate
110 - 125 325
125 - 140 350
140 - 155 375
155 - 170 400
170 - 185 425
185 - 200 450
200 - 215 475
215 - 230 500*
230 - 245 525*
245 - 255 550*
255 - 265 575*
265 - 275 600*
*Druid frames require the 2" Hypercoil spring for 500-600lb spring rates to clear the opening in the frame.

Reviews / Q&A

Push Industries ElevenSix SS for Forbidden Druid: 245 - 265 lbs: 11.6-1112