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Race Face Cinch Chainring Spider

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Raceface's latest Cinch-interface cranksets feature a detachable spider system, allowing for the use of any chainring combination. Paired with the Cinch-compatible crankset, this spider will allow you to use either 2x or 3x chainring configurations. The 104mm BCD 3X model allows use of a standard 3x chainring configuration (i.e. 22/32/42T), or the use of two chainrings and a bashring (i.e. 22/32/Bash). The 104mm BCD 2X model allows use of a traditional 2X chainring configuration (i.e. 22/32T) - no bashring or third ring capability. The 120 BCD spider allows use of either 26/38T or 28/42T 2X chrainring configurations. The Boost 104 BCD spider is intended for bikes with a 12x148mm Boost rear spacing only.

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