Pro Series Large (34mm) Grip System
Pro Series Large (34mm) Grip System Pro Series Large (34mm) Grip System Pro Series Large (34mm) Grip System Pro Series Large (34mm) Grip System

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Pro Series Large (34mm) Grip System

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138 grams
138 grams
138 grams
138 grams
Grip Color
Titanium Gray
Neon Orange
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    The Pro Series Large (34mm) Shock Absorbing Grip System offers fully adjustable feel, ranging from firm to soft. This is Rev's top tier grip system, complete with a tuning kit, assembly tools, and lightweight clamps. Everything needed to install and adjust your grip system is in the box. Once you've made the initial investment in the Rev Grip system, additional grips and tuning pieces can be purchased for $35 anytime down the road.

    Pictured above is a sectional view of the grip assembly. This grip is different than any other grip because it does not make contact with your handlebar. The inner diameter of the grip is approximately 3mm larger than the outside diameter of the handlebar. This unique design allows the grip to work independent from your handlebar, isolating the grip from shock and vibration. Tuning washers are used to customize feel and performance.

    In the box

    • Two grips
    • Four locking clamps
    • Five locking clamp screws
    • Two allen wrenches (2.5mm and 3mm)
    • 18 shock absorbing inserts
    • 8 tuning washers
    • Two aluminum bar-end inserts
    • Assembly instruction manual


    Material: Rubber
    Locking Clamp: Yes
    Width: 34mm

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