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Reverb Stealth B1 Service Kit


Reverb Stealth B1 Service Kit


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Service kit to assist in scheduled maintenance and/or rebuild of Reverb and Reverb Stealth seatposts.

Maintenance interval: every two years or every 400 hours.


In the box

  • Includes Blue 1-piece U-Cup Seal Internal Floating Piston (IFP)
  • Reverb Stealth B1 Service Kit - 17 pieces


    • Requires RockShox specialty tools to perform service: Post Bleed tool, Oil Height tool, IFP Height tool
    • B1 posts have a black return speed adjuster on the remote and "ROCKSHOX" laser etched logos on stanchion by the saddle cradle
    • Rebuilds IFP, Poppet, Seal Head, Dust Seal, Piston, and Bushing

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