SDG Bel-Air RL 2.0 Ti-Alloy Saddle

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225 grams
225 grams
225 grams


The Bel-Air saddles are the modern classics - providing ultimate comfort, support and control. The Bel-Air uses a Mid-Density PU foam, while both the SL and 2.0 adopt the lightest EVA Foam available and all are strategically designed with a Rear-Rise which helps rotate the pelvis forward and can provide extra support for one who likes to use the saddle's Optimal Rideable Area (ORA). The Bel-Air and the SL incorporate a 3/4 Cut design for perennial relief and the 2.0 uses the Peri-Canal - a full length channel to eliminate pressures to the soft-tissue. The entire Bel-Air series features a Nose Platform, providing greater surface area control and power transfer, while also designed with a Down Curved Nose for moving forward on saddle on seated climbs or in an aggressive forward riding position.


  • Peri-Canal is a full length channel that reduces pressure on the perineum region
  • Nose platform design provides more surface area on the nose of the saddle for better control and power transfer


  • Cover Material: Microfiber
  • Rail Material: Ti/Alloy
  • Length 270mm
  • Width: 140mm
  • Intended Use: MTB/Road
  • Warranty: 1 year

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