XTR M980 10-Speed Rapidfire Plus I-Spec Shifter Set


XTR M980 10-Speed Rapidfire Plus I-Spec Shifter Set

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In keeping with the XTR legend, Shimano's XTR Rapidfire Plus Shifters offer unparalleled shifting and versatility. The rear shifter lets you grab more than one gear both up and down the cassette, and for the ultimate in ease, the release lever can be shifted by pushing or pulling (thumb or forefinger) and immediately feeds cable, so shifts are fired off faster than ever. And those quick shifts feature Dyna-Sys technology which results in an authoritative, crisp feel. Plus, the left shifter can be converted for use with double or triple-chainring drivetrains!

This version uses the Ispec integration unit so you can seamlessly mount your brake levers and suspension control lever. It also includes a removable Optical Gear display for heads-up monitoring of gear choices.
  • Compatible Gearing: 2x,3x10
  • Cover Material: Composite
  • Intended Use: MTB
  • Warranty: 3 years