Guide RSC B1 Disc Brake


Guide RSC B1 Disc Brake

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273 grams
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Now featuring the World Championship-winning S4 caliper with Bleeding Edge™  and Heat Shield technologies, the new SRAM Guide RSC is packed with ride-enhancing performance. SwingLink™ technology provides more power, silky-smooth modulation, less deadband and better lever-feel than you’ve ever experienced. Steep-line confidence. Deep-corner dominance. Ride every trail like you own it. Know you can.

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  • Fluid: DOT 5.1
  • Pistons: 4
  • Lever Reach: Ajustable
  • Pad Contact: Adjustable
  • Lever Material: Aluminum
  • Intended Use: TR / AM / DH
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Bleeding Edge
  • Heat Shield
  • Tool-free Reach Adjust
  • Piggyback Reservoir
  • Banjo Adjust
  • MatchMaker™ X compatible
  • Lever Pivot Bearings
  • SwingLink™
  • PURE™ Bladder
  • Timing Port Closure
  • Ambidextrous Lever
  • Tool Free Pad Replacement