Guide Ultimate Disc Brake


Guide Ultimate Disc Brake

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With its completely new, 4-piston S4 caliper, SwingLink™ lever cam, and carbon lever blade, the 360-gram Guide Ultimate stands alone as the new leader in its class. It has been engineered to be light and powerful, with superior heat management capabilities, which give you better, more consistent, more reliable braking. The new caliper design also incorporates a re-designed seal and aluminum piston interface for ease of setup and improved consistency, while Bleeding Edge™ technology makes bleeding Guide Ultimate a quick and easy task.

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  • Fluid: DOT 5.1
  • Pistons: 4
  • Lever Reach: Adustable
  • Pad Contact: Adjustable
  • Lever Material: Carbon
  • Intended Use: TR/AM
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Tool Free Reach Adjust
  • Tool Free Contact Point Adjust
  • Piggyback Reservoir
  • Banjo Adjust
  • MatchMaker™ X compatible
  • Lever Pivot Bearings
  • Bleeding Edge™ Bleed adapter included with rear brake
  • Heat Shield
  • SwingLink™
  • Expandable Bladder
  • Timing Port Closure
  • Ambidextrous Lever
  • Tool Free Pad Replacement
  • Titanium Hardware