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Level TL Disc Brake


Level TL Disc Brake


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Heavyweight performance in a lightweight package. Level TL packs the same XC and trail-optimized power delivery into a brake set that won’t break the bank. This brake matches an alloy DirectLink lever to a lever body that contains the same technology found in the Level TLM, Level Ultimate and Guide series of brakes, for reliability and consistency you can count on.

In the box

  • Level TL pre-bled brake lever/caliper
  • Two caliper attachment bolts
  • One hydraulic olive
  • One hydraulic barb
  • One T8 Torx wrench


    Fluid: DOT 5.1
    Pistons: Two
    Lever Reach Adjust: Yes
    Pad Contact Adjust: No
    Shifter Compatibility: SRAM Matchmaker X
    Reversible Lever Body: Yes
    Lever Material: Aluminum
    Intended Use: XC/Trail
    Warranty: 2 Years


    • SRAM’s DirectLink lever design produces a solid, positive feel the second you squeeze the lever to engage the brake It offers a no-nonsense solution to give you precise control.
    • DOT 5.1 brake fluid provides fade-free performance
    • SRAM’s expandable bladder brake lever design includes a reshaped bladder that helps regulate and reduce air bubbles.
    • The piggyback brake fluid reservoir on SRAM’s latest lever design is optimized for both performance and ease of use. The PiggyBack Reservoir offers a simple, failsafe way to manage brake fluid, and also allows for ambidextrous lever placement
    • A hydraulic brake’s timing port is the connection between the reservoir and the master cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port, which pressurizes the system. SRAM’s new timing port closure system features durable seals and an ultra-smooth cylinder bore finish, producing dependable braking power and consistency.
    • Save weight and clutter on the bar with Matchmaker. It holds SRAM trigger shifters, and various RockShox controls, all with one tidy, light, clamp--a dream come true for handlebar component footprint conservationists.

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    SRAM Level TL Disc Brake: Left/Front / Black: 710845783739 - Right/Rear / Black: 710845783746