Agent 27.5 Carbon Rim
Agent 27.5 Carbon Rim Agent 27.5 Carbon Rim Agent 27.5 Carbon Rim

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Agent 27.5 Carbon Rim


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We Are One Composites is here to change your mind (and your wallet’s) about carbon wheels designed and manufactured in North America. The team at their Kamloops, BC facility has designed a rim from the ground up that is proudly built in-house at Canada’s first carbon fiber rim manufacturing facility. To breathe even more life into an outsourced industry, they are only using fiber sourced from the US. Being a carbon piece of gear, the prices are higher than an aluminum wheel, but for a North American-made mountain bike product, the cost will not be reminiscent of a vacation in Monaco.

The Agent rim is made for the enduro rider schralping every day on trails as diverse as local flow to Whistler tech. With these wheels, what you see is what you get; there is no sanding, filing, masking, or painting on this product.

Carbon wheels have sometimes been described as having a rigid, harsh ride quality, but We Are One has sought to alleviate this by using a somewhat shallow rim depth of 25mm. That active spec is paired with 3.5mm thick rim lips, set up to absorb impacts. With an internal rim width of 30mm, you’ll be able to run 2.35-2.6” tires from any brand you’re loyal to.

On these rims, the spoke holes are drilled at a 2mm offset. What this means for you is a stiffer, stronger wheel created by improved spoke triangulation. Adding to this geometry, the holes are drilled at a five degree angle, which allows each nipple to move in the rim a very small amount, and have a more in-line fitting with the spoke. The angle drilling also decreases tension and fatigue on the nipple. All of these details add up to a rim that is stiffer, stronger, and longer-lasting than its center-drilled counterpart, and that equals more fun on your bike.

These days, if you’re not looking hot, you’re not riding hot. When you order an Agent rim or wheelset, you can pick your decal color from our available list. And the best part? They won’t cost you anything extra.

With an investment like a carbon wheel, you want to know that the manufacturer won’t turn their back on you when something goes wrong. We Are One offers a lifetime warranty, and let’s you know with a perfectly succinct explanation: “If you break a rim, we send you a new replacement. Period.”


    Material: Carbon
    Wheel Size: 27.5"
    Inner Width: 30mm
    Outer Width: 37mm
    Spoke Hole Offset: 2mm
    Depth: 25mm
    ERD: 551mm
    Hole Count: 32
    Intended Use: AM / Enduro
    Warranty: Lifetime


    • A shallow rim depth gives a positive ride feel on the trail and is supported by a stout 3.5mm rim lip
    • Rim lip construction is engineered to withstand impacts
    • Confidently run 2.35 - 2.6 tires from all your favorite brands
    • Spoke holes are angle drilled to 5 degrees to make for optimal angle and increase nipple engagement while decreasing fatigue on the nipples

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