Here at Fanatik, we strive to offer quality repair and maintenance service for all of our customers, local and nation-wide. Whether you need your derailleur adjusted, a broken spoke replaced, or a complete overhaul, we have the experience, knowledge, and training to do the job right.

For service rates and current lead times, please email or give us a call at 360-756-0504


Not all bikes have the same needs when it's time for maintenance. Select a tune-up package below to see what's included.
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The Tune

Our basic tune-up includes truing/tensioning wheels as needed, adjusting gears and brakes, and checking all bolts for proper torque.

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The More Better Tune

More Better than our basic tune-up, this includes cleaning components in our industrial parts washer as well as labor for new part installation (if needed).

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The Old School

Intended for older mountain bikes and road bikes that require special attention to wheel and crank bearings. Includes labor to install new parts (if needed).

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The New School

Intended for modern full suspension mountain bikes that require suspension service, brake bleeds, and pivot bearing service.

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Our in-house suspension experts draw from over 25 cumulative years experience working with forks and rear shocks from all major brands. Whether you need new seals, fresh fluid, or a custom damper tune, we've got you covered. When you have your suspension serviced at Fanatik, you can rest easy knowing your fork or rear shock are in good hands.

Suspension Love - We sell mountain bikes all over the country, and we want to offer quality follow-up service for all of our customers, local and nation-wide. Our Suspension Love program affords you world-class suspension service, to and from your front door. Click here to learn more about our Suspension Love program.

Dropper Seatposts

Fanatik Bike Co. has the tooling and parts required to repair a huge variety of dropper posts, including the Fox Transfer, Rock Shox Reverb, KS Lev Integra, 9point8 Fall Line, and Race Face Turbine.

Parts Washing

Fanatik's industrial parts washer not only allows us to clean your bicycle components to the core, but can also be used for automotive parts cleaning. Contact for inquiries.

Packing and Shipping

Visiting Whistler or Bellingham for a mountain bike trip? Skip expensive airplane fees and ship your bike right to us. Get it professionally serviced, have fun riding the local trails, then drop it back off and we'll professionally pack and ship it back to your home or local shop!

Additional Services

With our experienced staff, our capacity goes far beyond tune-ups and suspension work. If there's something you need but don't see it listed on this page, please don't hesitate to contact our service department by phone, email, or by using the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Custom Wheel Builds
  • Custom Bike Builds
  • Brake Service
  • Mail-in-services
  • Consulting
  • Warranty services

Contact our Service Department

Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and look even better than new, we're bike repair experts with the experience, knowledge and training to do the job right.

For service rates and current lead times, please email or give us a call at 360-756-0504.