Rocky Mountain Element Select Build // A True Do-it-All Mountain Bike

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Sep 22, 2023

The mountain biking industry has long been searching for the perfect balance between climbing efficiency and descending capability. While advances in bike geometry and componentry have narrowed the gap between cross-country and trail bikes more than ever before, they each come with their compromises.

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Wild Rye // Mountain Bike Apparel that Empowers Riders to Get Outdoors

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Sep 15, 2023

Wild Rye stands out as a beacon of inclusivity in an industry where apparel usually falls short of embracing the diversity of the human form. Their passion and commitment to ensuring every rider, regardless of background, age, size, or skill, feels comfortable and confident in riding attire is commendable. Their vision goes beyond selling clothes; it's about empowerment, allowing women+ riders to be themselves on and off their bikes unapologetically.

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31.8mm vs 35mm Handlebars // Deity Skyline 787 and Skywire 35 Reviewed

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Sep 08, 2023

While handlebars are a simple component in appearance, they are crucial for steering and riding inputs. Constructed with differing amounts of rise, back sweep, and widths, various profiles are available to suit rider preferences. 

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Forbidden Druid V2 Reviewed // High Pivot Witchcraft at Its Finest

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Aug 11, 2023

Forbidden is surrounded by mystique; they are a small brand that currently only has two bike models, based out of a tiny town on a remote island in western Canada. Most notably, they are one of a very few brands who employ a high pivot design for their trail bike, the Forbidden Druid.

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Hope Tech 4 E4 Review // E4 Compared to V4

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Aug 09, 2023

The Hope Tech 4 E4 is one of the most adjustable brakes on the market and can be tailored to suit a wide variety of preferences. Beyond the majorly updated lever profile, Hope has introduced a number of improvements internally provinding better performance and less frequently required caliper maintenance. 

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How to Calculate Suspension Sag

How To  / Jadyn W. / Aug 02, 2023

Sag – it may only be a three letter word, but it plays a huge role in how your full suspension bike rides. When you sit on your bike, your rear shock will sink a certain amount into it’s travel – this is referred to as sag. When updat

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The Best Hydration Packs for Mountain Biking // Staff Favorites

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jul 26, 2023

There are plenty of hydration storage solutions on the market, with styles varying from hydration vests, to hip packs, to Specialized’s SWAT systems. Along with the ability to carry more water, these pieces of kit provide ample storage space for essential gear, such as tools, first aid kits, snacks, extra clothing, and even small personal belongings, all conveniently within reach. I checked in with some of my co-workers to see how they prepare for big days out on the bike, which hydration systems they rely on to keep them going, and share my own setup as well. 

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Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes on Sale // Quality Bikes Under $4,000

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jul 25, 2023

It is rare to find three amazing mountain bikes such as the Stumpjumper Evo Comp, Stumpjumper Evo Alloy Comp, and Ibis Rimpo AF Deore available at such heavily discounted prices.

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Interview with Colton Peterson // Comparing the Ibis HD6 to the Ibis Ripmo

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jul 12, 2023

Ibis has released the all-new HD6, a mixed-wheel enduro bike sporting a 180mm up front and 160mm travel rear. For most riders, the HD6 will be a welcomed addition to the Ibis lineup as a long-travel bike capable of a big pedal or a day in the bike park. However, the HD6 is also a time-shaving race machine in the right hands. 

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Ibis Ripley V4S Bike Check // Compared to Stumpjumper EVO

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jul 12, 2023

The Ibis Ripley feels like a Ferrari with a little extra suspension. The bike really transfers power, and when you get on the pedals, it takes off. The shorter travel DW link platform also transfers pumping power to the trail very well, and you can carry speed on the bike. It is incredibly playful and poppy when descending, and you want to try to double the natural features on the trail.

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SRAM’s GX Transmission is more refined than X0 and XX

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Jul 11, 2023

We smashed SRAM Transmission X0 with the equivalent of a hypersonic baseball, we tried to drown it underwater, and we sent it to outer space. It survived it all. Now, SRAM has released the GX version of this mountain bike drivetrain, so we're checking out what they've changed so you can decide if this $1,099 drivetrain is right for your ride.

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Ibis HD6 Reviewed // An Enduro Bike for the Rest of Us

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jun 27, 2023

The new Ibis HD6, with its more progressive DW-Link suspension system and mullet configuration, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of enduro racing. It checks all the boxes that Robin Wallner and the Ibis enduro team had set in place, and as of the time of publication of this article, has their team sitting in 6th overall, with Raphaela Richter sitting in 6th overall for women and Zakarias Johansen sitting in 15th overall for men. It excels not only on the descents but on the climbs as well, providing an exhilarating and confident ride on technical downhill sections and offering up a comfortable pedaling position and ample efficiency to help you up the hill with plenty left in the tank for another lap. With aesthetic and functional refinements to the frame, the HD6 is not only a sleek, sexy looking bike, but it’s one that is a pleasure to own and maintain.

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What to Wear Riding the Bike Park // Bike Park Essentials

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jun 19, 2023

Spring is quickly giving way to summer, bike park season is officially upon us. While getting a lift up the mountain and hooting and hollering your way down with friends is one of the best ways to spend time on two wheels, there's no denying that riding the bike park comes with an increased risk assumption. With higher average speeds and larger features than an average trail ride, crashes, and the associated injuries are significantly increased. Investing in the proper protection and gear for the bike park is well worth it.

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Interview with Fanatik Team Racer Andrew Cavaye

Community  / BK Stancil / Jun 12, 2023

Coming off a packed 2022 season, Fanatik team racer Andrew Cavaye had an off-season full of change himself, switching to a new frame sponsor for 2023. After having spent several years on Forbidden’s high-pivot frames, it has been a refreshing development for Andrew to join the Canadian-based We Are One racing program. Andrew and I sat down to discuss his new bike, some highlights from last year, and plans for the 2023 season. Of course, in typical Andrew fashion, he also had a quality crash story or two to share as well.

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The Best Mountain Bike Pedals // Staff Favorites

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jun 02, 2023

While each component plays an integral role in creating a complete, rideable bike, one thing is for sure; it would be impossible to pedal a bike without the pedals. In a similar vein, a bad set of pedals can ruin a ride, leaving you riding with a fraction of your usual confidence. Below are five different pedals that our staff trust day in and day out. It’s worth noting that every product on this list can be found across several other employees’ bikes.

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Fanatik Bike Co. Introduces Nationwide Shipping for Specialized Mountain Bikes

Brand Highlights  / BK Stancil / May 17, 2023

Fanatik Bike Co. is thrilled to announce that we now offer nationwide shipping on all Specialized mountain bikes. This exciting development allows riders across the country to have a complete Specialized mountain bike delivered right to their front door.

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SRAM Transmission Reviewed | Everything You Need to Know

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Mar 21, 2023

I never liked SRAM AXS. It doesn’t shift better, it’s not much easier to set up, and it’s not more durable. It’s also way more expensive.
I've got to admit, at first I thought Transmission, SRAM's new electronic drivetrain, was just another meaningless update to get us to spend more money.
But then I realized that although it's still a derailleur, there are real performance improvements. After spending time on it, the fact of the matter is that SRAM Transmission is the best derailleur that I’ve ever used.

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Helmet Review // Fox Dropframe Pro and Speedframe Pro

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Mar 13, 2023

I recently tried the latest safety technology by testing Fox’s Dropframe Pro and Speedframe Pro helmets. These two models are Fox’s most advanced open-face helmets. I spent the past few months evaluating their safety features and how they fit, feel, and perform out in the woods. 

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The Next Generation of the Fanatik Family

Community  / BK Stancil / Feb 23, 2023

Their vision for Fanatik Bike Co. was to have a storefront that could stock and provide the small but dedicated scene with high-end, mountain-specific inventory that wasn’t readily available at other shops in town. Situated in a small garage space on James St, the Salisburys never anticipated that less than a decade later, Fanatik would be not only Bellingham’s premier mountain bike retailer but also a world-renowned presence in the sport. 

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The 2023 Transition Smuggler | Ridden and Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Feb 17, 2023

There has been a mysterious hole in Transition’s line up since 2020. There's the do-everything Sentinel (aka Send-it-all). The astonishingly capable and light-weight Spur. And of course the enduro-ready Spire, which might as well be a pedalable downhill bike. So what does Transition have for those of us who aren't looking to send it all, or wear spandex, or pedal a downhill bike around?

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Custom Transition Spire // Rider Interview

Brand Highlights  / BK Stancil / Feb 17, 2023

Brody pieced together a head-turning build centered around a large carbon Huckleberry Transition Spire frame. From fork to derailleur, I would not scoff at a single component. At most, I’d swap flats for clipless to suit my personal preference; otherwise, the build is as airtight as they come.

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Race Face ERA featuring All-New Internals

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jan 24, 2023

Race Face has just launched its latest carbon cranks, the ERA. Allegedly their most durable carbon cranks to date, we were intrigued by the updated construction. To get the juicy details, we cut them open to find out what's inside.

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Fanatik Best Builds of 2022 Contest

Community  / BK Stancil / Jan 09, 2023

We saw countless custom builds come to life under Fanatik's roof over the last 12 months, and we need YOUR HELP to find the Best Build of 2022!!

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Chromag RIZA / Pilot Product Guide

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jan 04, 2023

Chromag, a Whistler, B.C. based company has been creating beautifully crafted mountain biking components and frames for the past twenty years. The brand new RIZA stem and Pilot/Pilot BA clipless pedals are not just a continuation of the quality we have come to expect from Chromag but also a foray into a pedal type we've yet seen from them.

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Winter Riding Essentials // Fox Water Apparel Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Jan 03, 2023

When pairing the Water jacket, pants, and gloves, I have not only stayed dry on rainy days but have found myself eager to embrace the elements in my wintertime search of riding.

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Holiday Gift Guide for a Mountain Biker

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Dec 14, 2022

Holiday shopping is often stressful, especially if you are trying to find the perfect gift for a mountain biker. To help you navigate the confusion of mountain bike gift-giving, we've compiled a list of our top gifts.

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Smith Mainline and Squad MTB Goggles Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Dec 06, 2022

The Smith Mainline is an ultra-lightweight full-face helmet created to protect the likes of Elite EWS racers Jesse Melamed and Remi Gauvin. With the average EWS race consisting of numerous grueling transfers and some of the world's longest, most challenging downhill stages, the Mainline had to be robust enough to protect against crashes at elite racing speeds but light and  breathable enough to allow it to go unnoticed for a full days worth of racing.  

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We Are One Arrival Giveaway Winner

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Nov 08, 2022

For the Arrival to be We Are One’s first venture into frame manufacturing, the final product is as refined as any other offering on the market. The culmination of many years of development and We Are One’s carbon craftsmanship, the Arrival is equal parts stunning and capable.

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Smith Helmet and Glasses Long-Term Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Nov 03, 2022

What makes Smith protection and eyewear appealing is the greater product line they are a part of. Designed to functionally integrate with one another, the helmets and eyewear pair perfectly.

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Fox Launches the Proframe RS Helmet

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Oct 12, 2022

Fox has taken the beloved Proframe and injected it with industry-leading safety systems and a highly adjustable BOA fit system. By dramatically improving the lightweight build and ventilation that made the original Proframe popular, they’ve created a phenomenal contender for those in search of a lightweight full-face.

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Fanatik Rental Fleet Spotlight: Forbidden Druid

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Oct 06, 2022

My time on the Druid culminated in a day of pedaling the Garibaldi zone in Squamish, BC. Having ridden this area multiple times on my Transition Patrol, it provided an excellent baseline for comparing the Druid’s performance on rougher terrain. I rode all the same lines I typically would on my 160mm travel Patrol and quickly found myself up to my usual speeds. While the Druid isn’t a 160mm enduro bike, it certainly feels more similar to one than it does a short travel trail bike. 

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Ibis's First EBike: The Oso

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Oct 04, 2022

Pedal-ability, playfulness, comfort, and confidence; these are traits that have made Ibis some of the most beloved mountain bikes in the game, characteristics that have shown through in their new ebike, the Oso.

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Whatcom World Cup Round 12 // Fanatik Race Recap

Community  / BK Stancil / Aug 31, 2022

As summer begins to wind down, so does the WMBC Whatcom World Cup race series. Fanatik, along with co-sponsor Kulshan Brewing, returned to SST to support the twelfth round of the 2022 season. At this point in the summer SST has been decimated by thousands of laps by locals and tourists alike.

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Fox Racing Mountain Bike Pants Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Aug 17, 2022

Some of my co-workers and I had the opportunity to test a variety of Fox’s latest pants and chat about their differences. The models we tested ranged from the ultra light and pedal friendly Flexair Pro and Ranger, to the protective, downhill-oriented Defend. While all of these models share the same high quality construction as my previous Fox Flexair pants, they each have features unique to their intended use. 

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Revel Rail 29 | Ridden and Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jul 22, 2022

I’ve hit all types of trails on the Revel Rail 29; from easy to hard, chunky to flowy, slow to blisteringly fast, this bike is an absolute blast on all of them. And for me, having one bike that brings a smile to my face no matter the occasion is all I could ask for.

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Marzocchi Bomber Air Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Jun 13, 2022

Marzocchi honed in on the ever-elusive balance between price and performance with its newest shock, bridging the gap between less-than-ideal entry-level suspension and more complex offerings. For riders looking to upgrade their rear shock while keeping budget in mind, the Bomber Air offers an easily tunable platform and dependable performance. 

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Chatting with Andrew Cavaye // Fanatik Enduro Team Interview

Community  / BK Stancil / Jun 02, 2022

Working a full-time position as a business analyst while training six days a week, a strong work ethic is not in short supply for Cavaye. Just after his opening race weekend, we sat down to talk about all things bike-related and his approach to this upcoming season.

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Competition for Fox's GRIP2 Damper? 2023 RockShox Forks and Shocks

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / May 26, 2022

Go on YouTube and search “How To Tune Your Bike Suspension,” and you’ll see a hundred different videos (including one of ours), because it’s pretty dang confusing. I think what really makes this update special is that RockShox has made it infinitely more intuitive and simple for the average person to change how their suspension feels.

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Catching Up with Eric Olsen // Fanatik Enduro Team Interview

Community  / BK Stancil / May 19, 2022

A constant podium threat at Cascadia Dirt Cups, a GGR youth development coach, and a small business owner, he is one seriously busy guy.

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Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex Long-Term Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Apr 28, 2022

Utilizing a Gore-Tex membrane and neoprene collar, the Trailcross Gore-Tex was designed with the intention of setting the bar for what a waterproof mountain biking shoe should be.

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Revel Rail 29 // First Impressions

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Apr 26, 2022

Maintaining similar climbing characteristics to other bikes in their lineup, while allowing for more descending composure, the Rail29 delivers freshness to a category that is diluted by 63.5-degree headtube angles and an influx in high-pivot suspension.

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Wheels: The Unseen Component That Will Make or Break Your Ride

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Apr 08, 2022

Wheels look simple but are astonishingly complex, and as the basis for your mountain bike, they are an incredibly important component.

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Galbraith Gravity Racing Season Preview

Community  / BK Stancil / Apr 05, 2022

A development race team based out of Bellingham, GGR has been a catalyst for youth racing in the area. After their inaugural season in 2019, they instantly gained traction in the community and established themselves as the premier team for youth racers.

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Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Alloy Comparison

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Mar 15, 2022

While the term “do it all bike” is overused in the cycling industry, the Specialized Stumpjumper Evo may be one of the most worthy bikes of that title.

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Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy // Dream Build Bike Check

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Mar 07, 2022

We check in with Fanatik's General Manager, Joey, to see why he opted for an aluminum framed Stumpjumper EVO Alloy when he could have built any bike we carry.

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The Championship Round - #2021DreamBuild Round 5 Recap

Community  / Dan Perl / Feb 23, 2022

Which of these beautiful custom mountain bike builds is the #2021DreamBuild Take a careful look, and head to our Instagram or Facebook stories to submit your vote! Want to design your own Dream Build? Head to our visual Bike Builder to design your own drool-worthy custom!

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#2021DreamBuild Round 4 Recap

Community  / Dan Perl / Feb 18, 2022

We're approaching the grand finale of this year's Dream Build contest; we'll run the Final Four on Monday, February 21st, with the showdown between the last two contestants on Wednesday the 23rd. Make sure to check into our stories to get your vote in on the winner!

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Kuat NV 2.0 and Kuat Transfer v2 Bike Rack Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Feb 16, 2022

A bike rack should be viewed as an investment. Not only is it an investment in overall riding experience, but also the safety of a bike when in transport. The build quality of the NV 2.0 and all of its features greatly complements an avid rider who is already deeply invested in the sport. Meanwhile, the Transfer is a great option for a more entry-level rider or someone who is more budget-minded. 

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#2021DreamBuild Round 3 Recap

Community  / Dan Perl / Feb 09, 2022

Eight bikes left. Two Transition Spires and one Sentinel. Two Forbidden Dreadnoughts. One Evil Offering and one Wreckoning. Two more rounds of matchups, with Round 4 starting on Monday, February 14th.

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#2021DreamBuild Round 2 Recap

Community  / Dan Perl / Feb 04, 2022

We're down to EIGHT BIKES, and the competition is heating up! On Monday, January 7th, cast your votes on Round 3 in our Instagram Stories.

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#2021DreamBuild Round 1 Recap

Community  / Dan Perl / Jan 28, 2022

It was a wild ride, but Round 1 of the #2021DreamBuild contest is over, and only 32 of the original 64 bikes are moving on. Round 2 starts on Monday, January 31st, and will have a strong showing of some of the most drool-worthy bikes you've ever seen.

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Forbidden Dreadnought // Dream Build Bike Check

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Jan 20, 2022

Since his first demo ride on a Druid, Rich was hooked by Forbidden’s high pivot witchcraft.

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Fanatik's #2021DreamBuild

Community  / Dan Perl / Jan 17, 2022

We built up a ton of really amazing super-bikes that you all designed in our Custom Bike Builder, and we need YOUR HELP in determining

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Night Riding: Outbound Lighting Trail Evo & Hangover Review

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Jan 10, 2022

A set of lights can allow you to ride at night; a quality set of lights can allow you to ride at night at daytime speeds. The combination of Outbound’s Trail Evo and Hangover allowed for just that, and I am now comfortable enough to ride with a similar aggressiveness at night that I would during the day.

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Specialized Enduro // Dream Build Bike Check

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Dec 16, 2021

A 6’2” rider with a craving for bike park laps, our buyer Erik set out to create the ultimate long-travel machine for

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Revel Ranger // Dream Build Bike Check

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Nov 16, 2021

It only takes one glance at his one-of-a-kind custom Revel Ranger to realize that Bill Fritts knows bicycles. Having amassed 19 years in the cycling industry, with a lengthy background in road and XC racing, Bill set out to create his dream XC/trail machine.

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Fanatik Custom Wheel Builder // Best Performance VS Cost Build

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Nov 11, 2021

“At Fanatik our standards for wheel building are so high that it was almost as if I had to relearn how to build a wheel."

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Specialized's New Tire Compounds // As Good as Maxxis

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Oct 26, 2021

Specialized has always positioned their price point at slightly less than that of the competition’s and previously, that was reflected in the user experience. With the latest revisions, particularly in the rubber compound, I’d say that these tires have the same level of performance as those from Maxxis and Schwalbe, and remain anywhere from $15 to $30 less expensive. 

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Transition's Mixed-Wheel Patrol // Long-Term Review

Product Guides  / BK Stancil / Oct 20, 2021

Since its initial release in 2015, Transition’s Patrol has established itself as the hard-charging, long-travel option in their line-up. While it has received incremental updates over the years, the 2021 model has been thoroughly revamped.

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CushCore Tire Inserts - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / BK Stancil / Oct 12, 2021

BK tells us why he sees CushCore not as a luxury but as a necessity for today's trail/enduro mountain bikes.

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MTB Cockpit & Dropper Post Set-Up, and Why It’s Important

How To  / Dan Perl / Sep 20, 2021

Ever wonder how the wide range of different height people fit into the small-XL bike sizing spectrum? A few key adjustments let you cater these four frame sizes to anyone, like changing the height of your stem.

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GX AXS Long-Term Review

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 06, 2021

AXS is the cutting edge of bicycle technology, and if you're looking for the latest and greatest, then you should be on AXS. GX AXS is without any doubt the best value of the bunch, with no real downsides.

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The Fanatik Enduro Team: Eric Olsen and Andrew Cavaye

Community  / Dan Perl / Aug 16, 2021

Seeing Eric and Andrew, the Fanatik Enduro Team, push themselves on and off the track is inspiring, so we stopped to ask them a few questions about themselves, their bikes, and racing in general.

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More Engagement: Not Always Better? DT Swiss 350 and 240 EXP Hubs

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Aug 02, 2021

We take a look at the Ratchet mechanism that makes the 350 such an amazing hub, as well as the newer Ratchet EXP design that the ultra-lightweight 240 hub runs. We also examine what has changed between the new and old versions, along with helping decide which is right for you.

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Race Report: 2021 North American Enduro Cup at Silver Mountain

Community  / Dan Perl / Jun 16, 2021

At the 2021 North American Enduro Cup, our pro racers Eric Olsen and Andrew Cavaye threw down in a BIG way. Andrew pulled 10th place, only 1 min 23 seconds back from first (out of 40+ mins) and Eric was right behind him in 14th place.

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Evil Insurgent MX - Ridden and Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jun 08, 2021

The Insurgent has always been Evil’s huckster, and has developed a cult following among folks who value the playfulness of 27.5” wheels, short chainstays, and a low center of gravity. Today, Evil launches their mulleted update, the Insurgent MX. 

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MTB Wheels & Tubeless Tires | How are Wheels SO Light AND Strong?

How To  / Dan Perl / May 17, 2021

Here we cover what could be the most interesting and is arguably the most important MTB component—wheels. Mountain bike wheels are special because they not only have to handle huge forces and stressors coming at them from every angle, but since you power them with your legs, they have to be very light. Many of the wheelsets we build weigh around 4 lbs.

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MTB Drivetrains | How Derailleurs, Chains, & Chainrings Work

How To  / Dan Perl / May 04, 2021

In part 2 of Understanding Mountain Bikes, we’re looking into the component “system” that allows you to drive your bike forward. As a whole, this is called your drivetrain. Simply put, a bicycle drivetrain consists of a pedal-powered crank which turns the rear wheel using a chain and gears.

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MTB Frame Geo and Suspension | How They Work and Affect Your Ride

How To  / Dan Perl / Apr 27, 2021

In Part 1 of Understanding Mountain Bikes, we’ll discuss the component system at the heart of a full-suspension mountain bike: The frame and suspension. These parts are the foundation for the rest of the build and determine how the bike will fit you and handle on the trail.

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Reviewed: 2022 Fox 34 Step-Cast

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Apr 20, 2021

Dan reviews the all new Fox 34 Step-Cast, designed specifically for downcountry (i.e. aggressive XC) use, after spending some time with it mounted up on his Evil Following. Using technologies introduced last year in the 38, the 34 Step-Cast is stiffer, lighter, and more refined than ever.

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SRAM Eagle AXS Wireless Drivetrains Compared: GX vs. XX1 and X01

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Mar 30, 2021

We take a look at SRAM's new GX Eagle AXS drivetrain and compare it to its pricier XX1 and X01 counterparts in order to determine which one is right for you. In this review we look at build materials, weights, mechanical differences, and functional differences.

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The Ibis Ripley AF: The Best Bike for the Most People

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jan 19, 2021

Every time I hop on the Ripley AF, other bikes seem to fade from my memory. This bike just fits. There’s no learning curve. The weight is distributed correctly, the suspension does what it’s supposed to do with no tinkering, the brakes are phenomenal… it all comes together in a crescendo of fun that, frankly, still astonishes me every time I ride it.

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Evil The Offering V2 Reviewed // Offering v. Wreckoning v. Following

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Dec 08, 2020

It's easy to find yourself looking at one of Evil's gorgeous new mountain bikes and asking yourself "do I want the light-weight Following, or maybe the welter-weight Offering? Or why not go all in and pick up the Rampage-ready Wreckoning?" In this comparison of Evil's three bikes, we find the answer to that very question.

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Finally, 200mm Drop! // The 2021 Fox Transfer Dropper Post, Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Nov 23, 2020

With its launch, the Transfer post bucked all the trends and gave us exactly what we wanted. Cable actuation. Internal routing. An incredibly smooth action, and internals that required very little maintenance. Now, for 2021, Fox has further refined the post and given us a model with 200mm of drop.

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Industry Nine System Wheels: Explained & Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Aug 11, 2020

A Ferrari isn’t a Ferrari just because it’s fast. It has to look and sound the part, and when you mount a set of System Wheels up to your bike, that’s what you get -performance and aesthetics that a $600 wheelset simply can't match. Learn why in this review of Industry Nine's EN315 System wheels.

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RockShox ZEB - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jul 08, 2020

Bikes like the new Wreckoning are designed to be piloted down the roughest terrain without batting an eye, but that all starts with the fork. With the ZEB, RockShox introduces a purpose-built 38mm diameter single-crown fork to their line-up, created specifically to keep your front wheel tracking true no matter what you point yourself down.

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Why Fox's 36 and 38 are so good, and Variable Valve Control (VVC) Explained

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Jul 07, 2020

2021 is the year that Fox Shocks opened the floodgates and let their engineers go wild. We see more changes in the product line-up than in any previous launch. Almost everything has been altered, from the X2 and DHX2 to the Transfer dropper, to the Fox 34, 36, 40, and a new enduro fork, the 38.

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Transition Spur / Revel Ranger - Reviewed and Compared

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jun 30, 2020

These are bikes we think hit all the marks but that have slightly different heritage and sensibilities. We'll break down the differences and examine what might push you towards one or the other.

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Transition: 2020 Sentinel Rundown

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / May 01, 2020

For 2020, Transition has refined the Sentinel into a weapon that is versatile and capable enough to be your sole bike. With sharp, fast lines, increased travel and progressivity, and a laundry-list of updated features, this bike should be high on your list of dream bikes.

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"Fusion Fiber" - A Stronger, Smoother Rolling Rim from Revel... And It's Recyclable

Product Guides  / Dan Perl / Feb 27, 2020

Revel has launched their own line of rims, using a different kind of carbon thermoplastic that is not only stronger, lighter, and less brittle, but makes it the first rim whose life doesn't end in the landfill.

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Ibis: Ripmo V2 Rundown

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Feb 18, 2020

Ibis made a magic bullet with the Ripmo when it launched in early 2018. This tangerine-sky-colored beauty was something of a unicorn bike, combining all of the hottest buzzwords: enduro, 29er, reduced offset, water bottle, 2.6” tire, and more. With it they made a mountain bike that could be ridden, and more importantly, loved, by everyone out there.

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Transition's 2020 Scout Carbon SBG - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Feb 14, 2020

Why has the Scout always been my go-to recommendation? As I see it, it is the perfect do-it-all bike for anyone who isn’t hell-bent on smashing technical downhill trails as fast as you can. It has enough travel that it certainly can do that, but also not so much that it’s soaking up your speed on smoother flow/jump trails, or making long alpine single-track into a death-march… basically, it’s a bike that keeps biking fun, which is why the vast majority of us do it.

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Transition Patrol #OnCoil - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Oct 29, 2019

This 160mm travel, long, slack, and low enduro sled using Speed Balanced Geometry, or SBG, which features reduced offset forks from Fox and Rockshox, long front centers, steep seat tube angles, and extremely short stems.

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Ridden and Reviewed: Ibis Mojo HD5

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 24, 2019

"I loved my HD4, but there were a few things that I wanted to be different; namely, I wanted a slightly longer reach without feeling more stretched out while pedaling, I wanted a slightly longer wheelbase, and I wanted a slacker head-tube angle. With the HD5 Ibis has addressed all those items, while making the bike a hair lighter and stiffer than before! I love it." - Dan at Fanatik

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Ibis: Ripmo AF Review

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 10, 2019

Introducing the Ripmo AF, Ibis's revised take on what a gnarly 29'er enduro bike could be. With a one-degree slacker head-tube than the carbon Ripmo, and the ability to run a coil-sprung shock, this bike is built to take on whatever abuse you can throw at it: days in the bike park, enduro races, or all day pedals.

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Who Is: Onyx Racing Products / Vesper Hub Update

Brand Highlights  / Dan Perl / Jul 12, 2019

Sprag clutch equipped, & offered in every axle size and color combination imaginable, from Boost 148 to Super Boost.

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Ibis Ripley 4 - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jun 15, 2019

Believe it or not, the Ripley has now entered its fourth generation. Once described by Ibis founder Scot Nicol as “the best bike for most people,” the Ripley is a 120mm rear travel 29’er, long beloved by riders and testers around the world.

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The Relationship Between Fork Offset, Headtube Angle, and Wheel Size: Trail

How To  / Dan Perl / May 16, 2019

Reduced offset forks - these have been the hot topic in the ever-changing world of mountain bikes this past year. First they showed up on Transition’s Speed Balanced Geometry bikes, then on the Ibis Ripmo, the Gen 4 Ripley, and slew of other bikes. Fork offset has always been a component of bike design, but until last year it was as un-glamourous as the length of your head-tube. This begs the question, why the sudden change in fork offsets, and why does everyone seem to care about it now? To understand that, let’s first take a look at what it is, and how it affects your bike.

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Forbidden Druid Review

Product Reviews  / Joe Crosby / Apr 03, 2019

The famed “Looks like a Session” Pinkbike quote doesn't apply here. A mere passing glance at the Forbidden Druid warrants a double-take. There’s something seriously different going on with this 130mm travel 29'er, & it’s not’s wizardry. Learn more about the high single pivot, the idler pulley, and more.

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The lowdown on Shimano XTR M9100

Product Guides  / Jadyn W. / Feb 14, 2019

Shimano stepped up to the plate with a whopping 10-51T range on the M9100 “Wide Range” cassette. That’s a 510% gearing range, which slightly edges out SRAM Eagle by 10%.

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Who is: PUSH Industries & the ELEVENSIX

Brand Highlights  / Dan Perl / Nov 16, 2018

If you are seeking pro-level suspension performance for your bike, the ELEVENSIX is the perfect piece of turnkey hardware- A no-fuss purpose built shock for your weight, your bike, and your riding style. Unmatched by any mass-produced suspension, if you want the best of the best, the ELEVENSIX is the first choice.

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Evil Offering - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Jadyn W. / Sep 28, 2018

The lines are once again blurred, as Evil introduces a new big wheeled steed to their lineup. Being a pioneering company of the 29'er revolution, Evil knows a thing or two about making the most of the 29"-wheeled platform. 

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Bellingham YMCA Triobike Taxi

Community  / Dan Perl / Sep 05, 2018

The Bellingham YMCA's Director of Healthy Living, approached us about helping source a Triobike passenger tricycle from the Danish company, we said "of course!"

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Freehub Magazine: Pillars of Bellingham

Community  / Dan Perl / Sep 05, 2018

Freehub Magazine delves in to what makes these two self starters tick, and showcases their passion for the sport that brings us all together: mountain biking.

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2018 Juliana Ride Out

Community  / Dan Perl / Aug 07, 2018

These gatherings bring together adventurous women for a day of learning, bonding, food, and of course, mountain biking! 

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2018 Fanatik Dealer Demo Day - Recap

Community  / Dan Perl / Jun 08, 2018

Every year Fanatik Bike Co. has a huge demo day for our customers, where we bring in all our bike brands and demo fleets to showcase the best of what they have to offer and let folks take the bikes out for some ride time.

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Ibis Ripmo: First Ride Impressions

Product Reviews  / Brian Chapel / Mar 29, 2018

A genre-defying 29'er, the Ibis Ripmo is part enduro, part all-mountain, and part trail bike. A 160mm of reduced offset fork, 145mm DW-link rear suspension, and a light carbon fiber frame make a bike that rips on both the ups and downs.

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Cane Creek Helm Fork - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jan 31, 2018

The Helm is designed to conquer aggressive trail, enduro racing, and anything in between. By isolating each damping and air spring adjustment, the Helm has the ability to be tuned for all typ...

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Bell Super DH - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Jan 17, 2018

The Super DH is the successor to Bell’s Super 3R. That helmet sought to capitalize on the “enduro” craze by offering a halfshell to which you could affix a chinbar.

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Transition Sentinel - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Jadyn W. / Jan 08, 2018

Transition’s wildest ride yet Chasing dreams in the woods. Those of you that know me are probably aware of my affection for 29” wheels.

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Ibis Mojo HD4 Review

Product Reviews  / Conor Barry / Nov 30, 2017

The folks at Ibis have been hard at work over the last year or so year, releasing four new models. I’ve been lucky enough to throw a leg over the Mojo 3, Ripley LS and the Mojo HD4 this year.

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Evil Following MB - Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Jadyn W. / Aug 23, 2017

The Following MB is improved in many ways, and all-in-all is a more refined bike compared to the V1 Following.

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Ibis Ripley Gen 3 Review

Product Reviews  / Brian Chapel / Jul 19, 2017

It’s fun, nimble, climbs like a mountain goat, and has confidence inspiring geometry. 

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Ibis Mojo 3 Long Term Review

Product Reviews  / Conor Barry / Jul 04, 2017

The Mojo 3 a jack-of-all-trades. It’s a balanced trail bike that does most everything very well.

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Who Is: ANVL Components

Brand Highlights  / Dan Perl / Feb 22, 2017

ANVL is a maker of high quality mountain bike components, based right next door to us here in Bellingham, WA. From carbon and alloy handlebars to titanium railed saddles, they make everything you need to outfit your new enduro shred rig for your next adventure. Here we review their full line up, and talk with them about the future of MTB.

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Fox Transfer Dropper - Midterm Review

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Dec 20, 2016

The Fox Transfer dropper seat post is the long-awaited update to their reliable but un-sightly D.O.S.S. post, and with it they have succeeded in creating a dropper that checks all the marks, from reliability and durability, to improved ergonomics and aesthetics. With internally and externally routed options, this reasonably priced post should definitely be on your short-list..

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Evil Calling - Ridden and Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Jadyn Welch / Dec 01, 2016

The Calling is a bike that loves to go play in the woods. I found the bike to be right at home on fast, flowy trails with lots of pop.

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Mountain Bike Handlebar Setup

How To  / Dan Perl / Nov 18, 2016

Setting up your mountain bike's handlebar and controls is crucial to making it feel comfortable and intuitive to ride. Get all the tips and tricks here.

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Custom Industry Nine Wheels - All You Need to Know

Product Guides  / Jadyn W. / Nov 09, 2016

We take quite a lot of pride in our wheel building program here at Fanatik. We’ve recently partnered with Industry Nine as their exclusive USA wheel building pa...

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How to Take MTB Photos that are Less Boring

How To  / Conor Barry / Oct 12, 2016

The suggestions and tips in this article will have you returning from your mountain bike adventures with rad photos that you and your friends are sure to be stoked on.

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PUSH ElevenSix Reviewed: First Impressions

Product Reviews  / Jadyn W. / Oct 06, 2016

With the knowledge gained over decades of tuning suspension, PUSH went to the drawing board to create the most customizable and tunable rear shock the mountain bike world has seen.

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Ibis Cycles: the Ripley LS and the Mojo 3 Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 13, 2016

The Ibis Ripley LS 29'er and the Mojo 3 27.5+ mountain bikes are both strong contenders in today's trail bike market. Which is right for you?

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Bicycle Theft and How to Avoid It

How To  / Dan Perl / Aug 05, 2016

The first line of defense against bike theft is straight up common sense. The majority of these thefts are crimes of opportunity.

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Basic Mountain Bike Maintenance

How To  / Dan Perl / Jul 13, 2016

With the tips that we'll run through in the following video clips, you can rest assured that your bike will run smoothly in between more in-depth maintenance intervals.

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What to do in case of a predatory animal encounter

How To  / Dan Perl / Jul 12, 2016

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had numerous recent reports of predatory animal sightings, from bears to mountain lions.

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Evil: The Insurgent and The Wreckoning Reviewed

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Mar 14, 2016

At this point you may be wondering: what does the Wreckoning do that the Insurgent doesn’t? Why might I want one versus the other?

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How to Adjust the Geometry on your DELTA Suspension Evil

How To  / Dan Perl / Mar 03, 2016

We are here today to discuss one of DELTA’s biggest strengths: adjustable geometry. Or in other words, the ability to transform your Evil from a playful, nimble...

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Raceface Love Handle Grip Review

Product Reviews  / Dan Perl / Sep 15, 2015

It is a highly contoured grip, with the diameter tapering from 30mm in the middle of the grip to a thinner 28mm near the ends, before expanding to the love handles at the edges from which they derive their name.

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