If you feel that a product you purchased from us is defective or has failed, we are here to help. Fanatik Bike Co. upholds all manufacturer warranty policies, and will facilitate your warranty request as long as the product is within the manufacturer warranty period. Abuse, neglect, and/or mis-use of products are not covered under warranty. The final decision of product warranty is at the discretion of the manufacturer for that product. We will do our best to support your warranty case, but not all warranty requests are approved.

Please note, warranty policies only apply to the ORIGINAL owner of the product. If you purchased the product used, we cannot provide any warranty support.

If you would like to warranty an item not purchased through Fanatik Bike Co., there will be a $20 processing fee.

We encourage you to provide 1 photo showing the entire product, 2 photos of damage, and 1 photo of serial number (if applicable) - this will streamline the warranty process to insure we can process your request as quickly as possible. Once we receive your information, we will contact you with further information/instruction on your case.

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