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From our humble beginnings in a car garage, Fanatik Bike Co. is now an award-winning brick-and-mortar bike shop, with a world-renowned online presence. We are dedicated to providing the best products and service for you and your bike, with an emphasis on sharing our passion for all things cycling-related. While we specialize in mountain biking, our service and products extend far beyond that. We encourage you to stop in our shop, or strike up a chat with us online. We are here and eager to work with you - whether that be fixing a flat or building your next dream bike.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Bicycle Showroom
Fanatik Bike Co.

Full Service Local Bike Shop

Are you a Bellingham local? Just passing by on your way to Whistler or Seattle? Regardless of where you're from, we invite you in to check out our 10,000 square-foot store. Our staff is happy to help with everything from product suggestions to tips on some of the best local trails and rides. We also have a massive selection of accessories including a full range of commuting gear, tools, clothing for mountain, road, or casual cycling, packs, helmets, lights, and everything else a cyclist could possibly need. Our full-service repair shop can handle any and all repairs, tune-ups, or custom requests for any kind of bike.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Tools of the Trade
Fanatik Bike Co. - Showroom

Custom Is Our Specialty

While we're proud of our retail shop, we're also well known for our online custom mountain bike builder tool. We believe everyone should be able to ride the bike of their dreams and we love helping people piece together their ultimate machine. We carry frames from Evil, Devinci, Ibis, Santa Cruz, and Banshee, as well as components from the best manufacturers. Our smart Bike Builder makes it easier than ever to piece your new bike together, step-by-step. Looking for some inspiration? Be sure to check out our Build Gallery. Careful though, there are some seriously drool-worthy bike builds in there!

Fanatik Bike Co. - Custom Evil Following
Fanatik Bike Co. - Lots of color options

Knowledge Is Power

With many years of experience in all types of cycling, our staff is ready to help answer any questions. We rigorously use all of the products we carry and are happy to provide candid, honest feedback on all the gear in our shop or on our website. Different brands work for different people and we're aware that each customer has unique needs. While we know buying a bike can be a process, we aim to make it as fun and easy as possible. After all, riding bikes is all about having fun, so let us do the hard work for you so you can get out there and ride!

Fanatik Bike Co. - Custom Wheels
Fanatik Bike Co. - Showroom

Huge Demo Fleet

We're proud to offer a wide variety of top-shelf demo mountain bikes. We've got full carbon trail bikes from Evil, Ibis, Santa Cruz, Devinci, and Norco, decked out with the same parts we all ride on our bikes. Whether you're just in town looking to go for a rip, or you're looking to try before you buy, we've got you covered. To sweeten the deal, we'll refund up to three demo bike fees if you purchase a bike of similar value from us.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Demo Bikes

We Love Our Community

Fanatik Bike Co. is committed to supporting biking, trail preservation, and safe biking within our community. We love biking and feel we can make the most difference by focusing our donations toward organizations that support these causes.

Fanatik Bike Co. - In the Community
Fanatik Bike Co. - In the Community

Meet Our Crew

Fanatik Bike Co. could not exist without our team of incredibly dedicated and passionate staff. Each and every one of us loves cycling in some form or another. It's not just another job for the folks at the shop, it's a way for us to share what we love about the sport and provide the best service possible.

Mark & Kathy Salisbury

Store Founders/Owners

Wife and husband team Kathy and Mark Salisbury started Fanatik Bike Co. in 2004 with a vision to provide Bellingham cycling enthusiasts with expert service and the best products in the industry. Mark and Kathy both grew up riding bikes, but it wasn't until the early 2000's that the enthusiasm of their own children rekindled their love of cycling. Ultimately this is what led them to opening the store. Mark and Kathy both reside in Bellingham and spend lots of time with their two kids and grandchildren.

Fanatik Bike Co. Founders and Owners

Steve Coen

Operations Manager


Every bike shop needs a bearded wizard mechanic, and that’s precisely what Steve is. Hailing from Helena Montana where he owned a bike shop specializing in building custom mountain bikes, In early 2017, Steve decided to make the move to Bellingham with his wife (sorry gals he's taken) and children. While Montana was beautiful, it was time for a change in climate and trails. Steve brings his "do it right or don't do it at all" attitude to Fanatik as service manager, and this motto rings true throughout everything we do, from building customers’ dream bikes, to fixing a flat. Steve answers to several nicknames including Scoen, Phteven and Papa Steve. When he’s not wrenching on bikes, Steve enjoys spinning underground hip hop on his turntables, playing out in the woods, and hanging with his family.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Steve Coen

Zac Dubel

Brick and Mortar Sales Manager

Though Zac has not won the lottery, he still can be considered a lucky man. He moved to Bellingham in the early nineties to attend WWU, where he was fortunate to get accepted. His luck continued when he got a job at a local shop that sold bicycles, snowboards, and other outdoor goodies. That job has parlayed into a career that has let Zac help people get outside and find happiness. In addition to his love for mountain biking, Zac is an avid cycle commuter, snowboarder, and enjoys playing disc golf. He is quick to point out that his family makes him feel the most lucky!

Fanatik Bike Co. - Zac Dubel

Jadyn Welch

E-Commerce Manager


Upon receiving his photojournalism degree at the University of Montana, Jadyn moved to Bellingham in 2008 and started at Fanatik. Jadyn's knowledge in bikes, website development, and photography have helped Fanatik to expand it's e-commerce business significantly over the last ten years. Growing the internet business has allowed Jadyn to fuse his passions. "I love that I can come to work knowing that I'll be surrounded by things that I enjoy - bikes, creativity, and good people." Jadyn rides year-round, and will most frequently be found on the trails surrounding Bellingham. Jadyn lives with his girlfriend and enjoys cooking, skiing, and living the Bellingham life.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Jadyn Welch

Erik Schertzl



Erik is an outdoor enthusiast - from surfing, to kayaking, to backcountry winter adventures, to mountain biking, he loves it all. While he doesn't mind an XC pedal ride here and there, Erik much prefers the chairlift, preferably at Whistler or Sun Peaks. Erik fills a very important position at Fanatik - we call him the Inventory Master. There are few people out there with a knack for inventory control and Erik is definitely one of them. Shared with his general passion and knowledge in the outdoor industry he is truly a key player here at the shop. On his days off, he enjoys being outside and raising his children.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Erik Schertzl

Joe Crosby

Service Manager


Joe, like many of us, moved to Bellingham for the riding. He’s been riding bikes as long as he can remember, and he loves pretty much any trail that points down. He started racing downhill in 2009, and eventually ended up in Durango, CO attending Fort Lewis College riding for their cycling team. Joe enjoys working with our passionate crew here at Fanatik, and frequently builds many of our custom dream bikes that ship out all over the country. When he’s not around bikes, he’s likely spending time with his lady and their pack of dogs.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Joe Crosby

Joey Sielen

Mechanic / Weekend Service Manager


Joey is a sucker for punishment. All day epic rides with long puke-your-guts-out climbs are his bag. He doesn’t seek out the gnarliest rock gardens or the toughest descents, but he doesn’t mind the occasional “oh sh*t!” moment. Joey fits right in to the Fanatik culture, where all of us are die-hard bikers through-and-through. When he’s not on the bike, Joey is still out in the woods, likely running or training for a local 50K. Like we said, the more punishment, the better! Joey has been obsessed with bikes since the mid-90’s, when he was typically reading bike mags instead of school books. He’s been through a number of retail and kitchen jobs, but at the end of the day, he simply prefers wrenching on bikes.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Joey Sielen

Will Hilbert



Born and raised in Annapolis, MD, Will has been in Washington for a little over three years. His love of bikes started as a kid riding a BMX bike. That pursuit landed him at what turned into a 10 year stint working at his hometown bike shop where he learned all the tricks of the bike mechanic trade. His coworkers there turned him on to XC and enduro mountain bike racing, and ever since then he's been hooked. Will is fortunate enough to be able to commute to work via mountain bike, and on his days off makes the time to explore the vast trail networks in the PNW and in neighboring British Columbia. As one of Fanatik's master wheel builders, at Fanatik Bike Co., he spends most of his time building high end MTB wheels, but also services suspension. His favorite dinner is breakfast, and aside from riding bikes, you might find him strumming on the banjo or bass, or practicing his piano skills.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Will Hilbert

Javier Vega

Web Content Specialist


Javier started at Fanatik in early 2014, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and inspriration. Javi is a well-known mountain bike photographer in the Northwest, and has even taken home awards for some of his photos shot deep in the woods of Cascadia. His interests in web development, photography, and bikes made him a perfect fit here at Fanatik. For Javi, there's nothing quite like embarking on a clear fall morning ride with 10 miles of singletrack ahead. We'd have to agree. When he's not riding bikes and taking photos in the woods, Javi enjoys spending time with his family.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Javier Vega

Doug Jambor

Digital Content Creator


Doug was born and raised in Washington state, then took off for the mountain biking mecca of Bend, Oregon to pursue freelance film-making. He landed some great gigs shooting for Kirt Voreis, Niner Bikes, Loam Wolf, Cam McCaul, and more. Doug's skill behind the lens as well as in the editing studio made him a great fit when he decided to move back to WA state for the media job here at Fanatik. He's a total ripper on a bike, and the videos he produces speak for themselves. While freelancing had it's benefits, Doug loves the Fanatik environment, being surrounded by passionate team members, and of course, BIKES! When he's not at work, Doug is usually out in the woods playing with cameras and bikes, hanging out with his wife and dog, and listening to music.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Doug Jambor

Dan Perl



Dan Perl is a Maryland native for whom Manifest Destiny seems to have held true. With no real idea of what to study but a strong desire to be in real mountains, he left East Coast in 2008 to attend Colorado State University. Curious by nature, he fell into a degree in a degree in Sports Medicine, but a continued exhuberance for mountain biking kept him on the move and eventually landed him here in Bellingham. Having spent his entire working life in bike shops, he is a natural fit here at Fanatik. A handiness with the written word, a keen eye for detail, and a lifetime of interest in computers has landed him in the marketing and advertising position here at Fanatik Bike Co., a position he is thrilled to be able to fill.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Dan Perl

Jason Kasari

Warranty Manager / Mechanic


Growing up in Bend Oregon, Jason was always around bikes and the outdoors. Working at a local bike shop introduced him to mountain biking, and before long, became a life passion. While Bend is a fantastic area for mountain biking, Jason knew Bellingham was the place for him after a couple of visits to the area. Along his life-path to cycling nirvana, Jason has ridden many-a-bike, including but not limited to dirt jumpers, cyclocross, cross-country, downhill, enduro, all mountain, freeride and the occasional unicycle. Still a fresh Bellingham transplant, Jason is enjoying exploring and ripping around Galbraith and other local trails, and always looking for opportunities to go "full send".

Fanatik Bike Co. - Jason Kasari

Justin Massa

Online Order Fulfillment/Shipping


Justin came to us all the way from New Hampshire, and loves working at Fanatik with like-minded folks sharing his love for bikes. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, photography, traveling, fishing and generally, just being outdoors. When he's at work, Justin is crushing it fulfilling online orders and making sure customers are receiving their goods on time. Justin's ideal ride? A crisp fall day, riding through the colorful trees of the Kingdom Trails in Burke, Vermont.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Justin Massa

Kristian Duft


Online Order Fulfillment/Shipping

Kristian spent many years as a young shop customer, and eventually joined our race team where he raced for us for three seasons. It was an easy fit when he applied to work here, and we’re happy to have his enthusiasm. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, and he’s always eager to learn more. Kristian enjoys pedaling singletrack up with a bit of tech or exposure and some nice views - as long as there’s two wheels and chain, he’s happy. When he’s not on the bike, Kristian is likely training for his racing career, or out digging on a local trail. While much of his life revolves around bikes, he does manage to make some room for his art/media/creative side.

Fanatik Bike Co. - Kristian Duft
Fanatik Bike Co.

The Dream Job

We believe this is a special and unique place to work. We are completely immersed in the culture day-in and day-out, and this is exactly what sets Fanatik Bike Co. apart from the masses. We are bike riders, we are passionate, and we are knowledgable. Working at Fanatik Bike Co., you will be surrounded by people that love cycling in all forms. To learn more about landing your dream job at Fanatik Bike Co, please visit our career opportunities web page.

Fanatik Bike Co. - The Dream Job

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