A forerunner in carbon fiber adoption for bike frames, Ibis Cycles has an impressive 20-year legacy of crafting some of the finest bikes we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Ibis bikes, such as the Ripmo and Ripley mountain bike ranges, are designed with everyday riders in mind– those who appreciate outstanding workmanship and ride quality. Riding an Ibis mountain bike for the first time feels like being reunited with an old friend.

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The HD6 is the evolution of one of the most successful enduro bikes in history. Designed with input from the Ibis Enduro World Cup team and building upon their award-winning Ripmo and HD lines, the Ibis HD6 features increased travel, a completely redesigned suspension layout, and mixed wheels.

165mmrear travel
180mmfront travel
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OSO E-Bike

Built from the ground up to deliver a new level of smooth, fast and durable performance, the full-carbon Oso features Ibis' first-ever upper-link suspension dw-link platform. It stacks 155mm of rear travel with 170mm up front and is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX Motor. LG and XL get 29" wheels while SM and MD get mixed-wheels.

155mmrear travel
170mmfront travel
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Ripmo V2S

In 2023, a new swingarm (the "S" in V2S) brings a host of further refinements. None of this has changed the nature of the Ripmo—it is still the incredibly fun, sporty, and versatile bike that it always was—just more refined.

147mmrear travel
160mmfront travel
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Ripley V4S

The perfect tool for most mountain bikers has received a number of important updates for 2023. The Ripley's light weight and progressive design all add up to a bike that is exceptionally snappy to ride.

120mmrear travel
130mmfront travel
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Ripley AF

This bike is a multi-talented shapeshifter; a light, snappy, fast, fun, incredibly versatile bike that can get a whole heckuvalot more rad than its 120mm travel and light weight implies. Compatible with a 120mm to 140mm fork, the Ripley can be a lightweight cross-country weapon or a trail-thrashing downcountry machine.

120mmrear travel
120-140mmfront travel
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Ripmo AF

The Ripmo AF (Aluminum Frame) brings the award-winning performance of the carbon Ripmo to a wider, rowdier audience. It’s everything we love from the carbon Ripmo, plus a few tweaks.

147mmrear travel
160mmfront travel
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The Exie is a World-Cup capable cross-country race bike that flat out shreds. With a sub 2,000g frame weight and dw-link suspension, it offers a stunning combination of pedaling efficiency and downhill performance.

100mmrear travel
120mmfront travel
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Hakka MX

The Hakka MX is Ibis' answer to the Swiss Army Knife. With its ultra versatile geometry and 1000g frame weight, the Hakka MX is just as happy crushing the local club ride as it is jumping barriers or camping out.

700c or 650bwheels
Hardtailrear travel
Rigidfront travel
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If you would like help deciding which Ibis mountain bike is right for you, feel free to email us at sales@fanatikbike.com or give us a call at 1-844-FANATIK.

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