Ibis Cycles

Ibis was one of the early adopters of carbon fiber for bike frames, and 20 years into it, they are building some of the finest bikes we've had the pleasure of working with. Ibis bikes don't tend to follow any extreme geometry trends, they are build for the every-day rider who values workmanship and ride quality. Take your first ride on an Ibis and it will seem like an old friend.

Ibis Cycles - Mojo HD3
Ibis Cycles - Mojo 3

Mojo 3

A playful short-travel bike with a dual personality. 27.5" and 27.5"+ tire sizes both fit the Mojo 3 - pick your flavor and head to the trails.

Ibis Cycles - Mojo 3
Ibis Cycles - Ripley LS Gen 3

Ripley LS Gen 3

Long-and-slack is the name of the game with the latest Ripley LS, along with 29" wheels, 2.6" tire clearance, and 120mm dw-link suspension.

Ibis Cycles - Ripley LS Gen 3
Ibis Cycles - Mojo HD4

Mojo HD4

Ibis' answer to those demanding the world from their bike, the HD4 is the most aggressive bike Ibis have ever built. Sporting 153mm travel, slack angles, and 27.5" wheels with the option to go plus-sized if desired.

Ibis Cycles - Mojo HD4
Ibis Cycles - Mojo HD4

Fanatik + Ibis

We've been working with Ibis for the better part of a decade building beautiful bikes for customers all over the country. Our custom bike builder allows you to build your new Ibis part-by-part, leaving no detail overlooked. Gain some inspiration from our build gallery, then head over to our bike builder to get your dream bike rolling.

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Bits 'n Bobs

Looking for spare parts for your Ibis? We've got all the parts you need to keep your bike running smooth including bearing kits, derailleur hangers, linkage pieces, and more.

Ibis Cycles Spare Parts

About The Brand

The magic happens in Santa Cruz where Ibis calls home, in an old Lipton tea factory. If you're ever in the area, we highly encourage you to drop in for a tour. There's a lot of history and plenty of personality - not to mention a great bunch of guys and gals who are eager to share their passion with you. Scot Nicols is the man at the helm, but Ibis prides themselves in being an open company where advice and ideas are taken from anyone, no matter what their position is. This community-minded approach is what makes Ibis such an inspiring company along with some seriously kick-ass mountain bikes!

Ibis Cycles - Mojo 3 mold