You know a mountain bike company with the website "" has been in the game for a long time. Started in 1981 in the North Shore by a couple of bike shop employees looking to get rowdier than their road bikes would let them, it has since grown into an international brand that makes bikes for the road less traveled, whether that's the deepest, steepest trails of Whistler or the gravel roads out your back door.

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By combining a lightweight frame with 140mm of travel and highly adjustable geometry, the Instinct will have you ripping corners and boosting off trail obstacles. Ride9 gives you the power to quickly make adjustments to your frame geo all with a single bolt and five minutes of your time.

140mmrear travel
150mmfront travel
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Utilizing the same front and rear triangle as the Instinct, Rocky Mountain uses a shorter upper shock mount and a longer shock to pull 160mm out of their enduro-ready Altitude. Paired with a 170mm fork, this lightweight, root-smashing rig will have you pushing harder and faster than ever before.

160mmrear travel
170mmfront travel
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Guess what? Kids want to rip trails, too. That’s why the Reaper incorporates decades of trail, enduro, and park prowess and condenses it into a shred ready package for kids. The result? Full-sized trail bike levels of competence and composure in a kid-friendly package. The objective? To pass on a love of riding and ripping to the next generation.

130mmrear travel
130mmfront travel
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If you would like help deciding which Rocky Mountain bike frame is right for you, feel free to email us at or give us a call at 1-844-FANATIK.

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